More Club Members [& Gender Requirements!] by Eurynome updated for 1.40

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23/06/18: No update needed for

Original Mod

Original Mod by Eurynome [/B]

23/02/18: Updated to patch. This mod not was badly broken, only missed small bits of new code but like are many version and is very repetitive i could make some mistake if notice something dont wotk fine please report it.

This mod let you had more of 8 member by club and/or gender filters until 20 or 50 members. I updated for Cats and Dogs so now show the new traits Cat Lover and Dog Lover like can see in screenshot above.

My english is limited so i will put part of original modder description.


As we know, Maxis loves restricting numbers to 8. Get Together adds so many great opportunities with the addition of clubs, but I think we can all agree that the clubs should be bigger. To this end, I created More Club Members for the current patch. This mod comes in two flavors: 20 members or 50 members. Please choose only one. In my own personal play, I use the 20 member mod because the game seems to cap club gatherings at around 20 Sims, anyways. A 20 Sim club will essentially fill an entire club hangout lot with Sims of your choosing.

That said, there is also a 50 member option. The 50 member option is useful for keeping track of large amounts of connected Sims, like those produced in a legacy. The 50 member option may cause your game to lag as it processes its routines for all 50 members. Some users may find it too slow for their own tastes.

At popular request, I have created two additional files for this mod, one for a 20 member club and one for a 50 member club. These new _Gender_ files will allow you to put gender requirements on your clubs, large or small. These files are all standalone. Only install one of the EL_MoreClubMembers_ packages!

For more info look the original modder page:

Knows conflict:

You must only download and use once file because all conflict between.

Club Requriment: Gender Filters (Updated 11/10/2017) by Iam4ever

This mod use this XML tuning, anything which change the same will confict:


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