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Recording Studio Stuff Pack

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Uploaded: 10th Dec 2017 at 11:45 AM
Updated: 13th Aug 2018 at 2:49 PM - New Items
ive added a few more stuff also fixed any problems from the last patch on the sims 4
- new desk (found in desks section)
- new awards (platinum and gold) (found in paintings or picture frames)
- 3 new wall papers (all found in the painted wall paper section)
the pro speakers still has the cheap speakers for its thumbnail ill fix that next!

heres a little stuff pack ive made!
it took a lot of time so please credit if used!
ALSO, if you do end up using it, like on youtube, please send a link by pm or in the comments! i love seeing people using my creations!!!
if you do find any problems just leave a comment i'll fix it!
i will be adding more stuff in the near future!
where everything is found!
mic - decoration - the pencil pot $1000
both speakers - electronic - audio cheap $150 pro $500
mixing table - electronics - computers $500
acoustic foam - decoration - paintings $1
rugs (all) decoration - rugs $200
wall paper (all) - build mode - painted walls $5
Ama trophies $500

ive made all the textures apart from the rugs
Traditional Classic Aubusson Rug: https://www.turkisharearugs.com/sup...classic-red-rug
Velvet Underground plain Polyester: https://www.therugshopuk.co.uk/velv...rug-pl5301.html
The tiger strip rug i made myself by painting it added some noise then oil painting it in photoshop.


Polygon Counts:
Acoustic foam - LOD 0 = 4658 LOD 1 = 2329
mic - LOD 0 = 3084 LOD 1 = 1542 LOD 3 = 1542 (I cant go smaller then this)
cheap speakers - LOD 0 = 620 LOD 1 = 310
mixing table - 972 (same for all 2 variants)
rugs - 2
ama - 45 (same for all 3 variants)
pro speakers - LOD 0 = 438 LOD 1 = 219