Higher money requeriment for join to Clubs

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Uploaded 30th Nov 2017 at 9:22 PM · Updated 23rd Jun 2018 at 5:53 PM by edespino

Well this is my first mod after of learn sonething updating other autors mod now i feel confient for make my owns mods, nothing big but done by me.

23/06/18: No update needed for

23/02/18: Updated to patch. This mod not was badly broken, only missed small bits of new code but like are many version and is very repetitive i could make some mistake if notice something dont wotk fine please report it.

Update 11/01/2017: By request one new version. Dont use it with the others:

Poor: Less Then 30.000

Middle: 30.000 - 100,000

Wealthy: More Then 100,000

Update 11/01/2017: Added 4 new files. Only use ONE:

HighermoneyrequerimentforjointoClubs + EL_MoreClubMembers_20

HighermoneyrequerimentforjointoClubs + EL_MoreClubMembers_50

HighermoneyrequerimentforjointoClubs + EL_MoreClubMembers_Genders_20

HighermoneyrequerimentforjointoClubs + EL_MoreClubMembers_Genders_50


My english is limited so i will try explain the best i can.

Update 11/27/2017: Mainwhile this mod was in moderation i do one better presentation, now i will update it. Rename the title and file name for express better what the mod do.


It has always bothered me the so low limit of money required to consider a house rich in clubs, 30,000, is it a joke ???? almost any family exceeds that limit.

So the money requirement for clubs was practically useless and I’ve wanted to alter it for some time but I did not know how until a few days ago. And this is how this modification was born.

Well now let’s see better with graphics:

As you can see in the picture the limit for poor 10,000 (it’s ridiculous) for middle class from 10,000 to 30,000 and maybe the worst rich more than 30,000. So if you have a house that is worth 20,000 and 11,000 in cash for club requirements with 31,000 you are already rich which is very low.

The modification alters that, raises the limit for poor to a minimum of 50,000, so it’s better: you can have a house of 20,000 and you should have more than 30,000 in cash so that it is not poor. Now most “beginner” families will be poor.

The middle class would now be 50,000 to 150,000 which sounds more reasonable.

And finally to be considered a rich family you need more than 150,000. Now only families with a good house or a lot of cash fall into this category. I’m thinking of increasing this even more because I still find it somewhat low but this is a base.

Now if you can have real club only of rich, poor or middle class. There is already a true differentiation

Now with numbres:

Vainilla game:

Poor: Less Then 10.000

Middle: 10.000 - 30,000

Wealthy: More Then 30,000

With the mod:

Poor: Less Then 50,000

Middle: 50.00 - 150,000

Wealthy; More Then 150,000

I hope with this can understan what the mod do.

Important: I set the strings for english and the other langues but i dont test it because my game is in Spanish. In theory must show in english for other other but like is my first mod i could make something wrong.

Note: I ovewrite 3 game strings, is only avaible in Spanish and English.

If someone want translate to other language i need translated this:

"Poor (Less Then 50 000 §)"

"Middle Class (50 000 § - 150 000 §)"

"Wealthy (More Then 150 000 §)"

Now conflicts:

Club Requriment: Gender Filters (Updated 11/10/2017) by Iam4ever http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=584409

More Club Members [& Gender Requirements!] by Eurynome updated for Cats and Dogs http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=603504


Once the mod is posted i make compatable version with More Club Members [& Gender Requirements!] by Eurynome updated for Cats and Dogs http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=603504

This mod use this XML tuning, anything which change the same will confict:


Additional Credits:

Sims 4 Studio

Eurynome wich mod i start to understand how work the xml. Stay tuned i had in mind other mod i will post soon around custom traits filter for clubs.

Eurynome: Mix him mod with mine for work tougether.

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