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LlamaBOX! Recolors of omgsims2's OSS Cell Phone

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Uploaded: 30th Nov 2017 at 6:13 PM
Updated: 30th Jan 2019 at 4:55 AM
I was playing last night and realized, wait a minute, I know this game was made ten years ago, but hold on one second. Sims should have smartphones by now! I went hunting a little for a replacement and found omgsims2's default replacement phone, which were perfect except...I prefer my Sims to avoid having real-world branding. So I took a look at the original mesh, which was so gloriously provided with recolor templates, opened up Photoshop and Amazon, and decided to use the OtterBOX Defender as a base for a recolor.

Then I remembered reading that you can recolor back and front, and this got me even more excited. I couldn't remember if it was the actual screen that got recolored or if it was the entire front (it's the latter), so I then cranked up my FilterForge 7 and FontAwesome and made my own wallpapers and icons for the phone, following the same color palette. The style of the phone ended up pretty iPhone, but the wallpapers came out a bit more Android which is perfect for what I was looking for. I used a (heavily modified) OtterBox Defender image I snagged off Amazon for the basic look, but I made the wallpapers on the actual phone screen myself.

THIS IS A DEFAULT REPLACEMENT. This means that once you have it, it will replace the Sims default phone that can be purchased at a kiosk. To my knowledge, default replacements of this manner can't be bought with the hack that makes them show up in the catalogue, but you can use Monique's hacked computer to get them. In order to change these out for the new ones, I think you have to sell and rebuy your phone, but I used the aforementioned hacked computer, since I'm having a glitch where I can't get to community lots because the queue cancels for some reason, and it worked just fine.

Once you buy the phone, you can either take it out of your inventory for a sec, or wait until the Sim is using it, and you can use the good ol' trusty recolor swatch thingy in the buy mode catalogue to flick through the colors.

Have fun!