Maxis L&F - MaxisMatch Eyes and Teeth

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Uploaded: 2nd Dec 2017 at 7:36 PM
When i saw these eyes and teeth texture i freaked out! They looked so good i HAD to put them into a mod! They come from a debug item from the base game, containing a retro Sims 4 Sim texture: i took some time and there you have it!
To be fair, i worked on a bump map for the teeth cause i always thought why didn't EA include one in them?

  • Detailed Diffuse texture;
  • Custom bump map, self-created;
  • Uses the Braces teeth mesh from EA.

  • Detailed Diffuse texture;
  • Comes in all EA colors with slightly changed order and different color thumbnails for better sorting;
  • Still has the original specular texture from EA.

The eyes are not allowed for random since the texture they use is slightly bigger than the usual EA eye texture. This also mean you might wanna shrink the pupils of your sims in case you use these eyes, just a little, in order to have realistic results.


Additional Credits:
EA for creating the textures i used.
Blender for testing the textures.
Paint.NET for creating the textures.
Photoshop for creating the textures.