Pregnancy Time (22.OCT compatible)

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Uploaded: 6th Dec 2017 at 7:06 PM
Updated: 24th Oct 2022 at 6:04 PM - Patch controlled
Known Conflicts
This mod WILL conflict with the "Pregnancy Mega Mod" from ArtUrlWWW as that mod changes pregnancy time/duration as well!
This mod WILL conflict with Turbodrivers "WickedWhims" as it makes it possible to change pregnancy time/duration in the settings as well!
This mod WILL conflict with the "McCommandCenter" as it makes it possible to change pregnancy time/duration in the settings as well!
This mod WILL conflict with the "Pregnancy Overhaul" from LittleMsSam!

Mod tested
The mod.xml was updated and/or tested after the last patch in October 2022 ! Now GameVersion compatible!

It was tested without any other script mod in one subfolder of the mod folder, so if it makes issues, please try
1. placing the package directly in the MAIN mod folder or ONE subfolder, because more than one won't work and sometimes even in one subfolder it makes issues
2. to remove other script mods first to look for conflicts, because I am as of right now not able to make this compatible with any other mod, I am sorry.

Game Requirements and Compatibility
This mod was created with the game version (including University 2019 Patch)

This mod just overrides the EA basic 3 days pregnancy to the days of your choice

At the moment the flavors are as following, choose only one!

- 1 day (8 hours per trimester) --> this is the shortest possible!
- 2 days (16 hours per trimester)
- 6 days (2 days per trimester)
- 9 days (3 days per trimester)
- 12 days (4 days per trimester)
- 15 days (5 days per trimester)
- 18 days (6 days per trimester)
- 30 days (10 days per trimester)
- 21 days (7 days / 1 week per trimester)
- 42 days (14 days / 2 weeks per trimester)
- 63 days (21 days / 3 weeks per trimester)
- 84 days (28 days / 4 weeks per trimester)
- 105 days (35 days / 5 weeks per trimester)
- 126 days (42 days / 6 weeks per trimester)
- 147 days (49 days / 7 weeks per trimester) --> this is the longest possible!

Further flavors planned
None. If you want one - just ask!

ATTENTION!! The Sims game can't handle under 1 day and over 147 days... the numbers are too big or too small for the game to recognize... sorry...

Install Instructions
Choose only ONE flavor and extract the package file into your MODS folder, either the MAIN one or ONE subfolder.

This mod overrides XML resource
and will conflict with other mods using the same resource.

Additional Credits:

Pose left: [TV] My only love
Pose middle: Us 3 Pose Pack by Katverse
Pose right: [ceci] pregnancy couple posepack

Sims by me - Archimedes, one hell of a butler and Belle, Witch and Watcher of London