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School Band for your Teens!

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Uploaded 6th Dec 2017 at 11:52 PM · Updated 6th Dec 2017 at 1:38 PM by tcbandie10

I loved all the different instrument careers out there for teen sims, but something was missing. I wanted them all to fall under the same career.

There is no set uniform for this career.

This career is considered to be an after school activity. Sims will be "charged" for their activity until they reach the top of the track.

Here are the levels:

1. Member M, W, F 3-6 PM Mini Van -10
This one time at band camp…It may not be the coolest group in school, but you have made some good friends so far. You march your show dozens of times, and you take criticism from your director. You also listen to your section leader during sectionals and follow their lead. There is also the field commander that you have to pay attention to standing on the podium. Oh and don’t forget to keep that instrument nice and shiny for competitions.

2. Section Leader M, W, F 3-7 PM Mini Van 1 Creativity -5
Your talents have been noticed by your director, and they have asked you to be your section’s leader for the season. You’ll have to meet with your section before or after practice for sectionals and help them learn the music and drill. They look up to you, especially the freshman.

3. Field Commander M, W, F 3-7 PM Mini Van 2 Creativity, 1 Mechanical, 1 friend 0
You have worked your butt off studying music charts and perfecting your conducting skills. Your auditions went great and you have earned yourself the title of Field Commander. You get a cool uniform that’s different from all the other band members and you get to stand on a podium and wave your hands the whole time instead of sweating on the field. You also get your name heard on the microphone at football games and competitions, how cool!

Here are the chance cards:
I have the male ones shown, but the female chance cards are edited appropriately.
The rewards and consequences shall remain a surprise

I have double checked the grammar and tested it, everything should be good to go! Enjoy!!

Additional Credits:
Everyone in the CF forum who helped out when I first started this project.
Sims Wiki for the icon -
lientebollemeis for the original inspiration

Age: Teen
Career Type: N/A / Other
Chance cards: Some

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