Becks Get On Mod Updated + Custom Spring riders

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Uploaded: 9th Dec 2017 at 4:03 AM
Updated: 10th Dec 2017 at 3:52 AM
Today I bring you an update of three very cool creations made by some very talented people! Rebecah once made a Spring Rider Object Mod, over at Affinity, that added a Get On interaction to the spring rider from AL, letting toddlers use it on their own without needing an older Sim to put them on it. I'm all about toddlers having more toys to play with on their own, but there were some annoyances with the mod that I felt could do with an update. So I did! In addition, I updated two of my favorite custom spring riders to make use of the get on interaction

What is this?
This is an updated version of Rebecah's global mod, with some annoyance-fixes. I have added a guardian bhav which adds some sanity checks to whether or not the toddler should be allowed to get on by themselves. These checks are
  • If spring rider is already in use, toddlers will not try and get on it
  • When acting autonomously toddlers will not get on if
  1. Very hungry or very tired (below 1/4 of needs bar)
  2. The spring rider is on a different floor than the toddler
  3. If it's winter and the toddler is inside, to prevent toddlers from walking out into the freezing cold on their own

In addition to the sanity checks, a toggle for autonomy has been added to pie menu. So if you want to turn autonomy off temporarily (or permanently for that matter), you can click on the spring rider and pick autonomy off and autonomous use is disabled. The default setting is autonomy on. Each spring rider has it's own unique setting, so changing the autonomy will only affect the object you clicked on.

And lastly, toddlers no longer zoom through the air if they try to get on a spring rider when they are several floors above it. Since the sanity check adds a floor check to the autonomous behavior you would not have noticed this original glitch much, but on the off chance you want to direct a toddler to get on when it's upstairs it will now start by crawling or walking to the object and then get on. (Might I suggest Rebecah's toddlers use stairs mod to get around the stairs ).

Spring rider was introduced with Apartment Life, so all three parts of this upload require Apartment Life.

May conflict with any global mods that affect the spring rider from AL. Conflicts with Rebecah's original, you have to choose between her mod and my updated version.

Custom spring riders
Because of how spring riders are coded, each object is it's own separate entity which means custom spring riders can't be affected by global mods. That is a shame, because I'd much rather have my toddlers play on porkypine's lovely Little Draggy Spring Rider or Honeywell's totally adorable Busy Bee Bouncing Bobble Spring Rider. Both porkypine and Honeywell did such great jobs providing cute new options for us, so I decided to make use of their very generous policies and update their objects to include the global mod changes. Please go give them some love for sharing these great new objects for us, and for being kind enough to have generous policies that allow me to share the updated versions with you

I have not changed guids, which means they conflict with the originals, so please replace your original copies of these objects with the updated versions. No other types of conflicts possible. The mod is not required for these objects to have a get on interaction, the mod is built in to each updated object.

Porkypine's Little Draggy Spring Rider
It costs 250 and can be found in misc/child. Polycount 4218. For a full description please see the original upload by porkypine

General tip for those of you who might like staging photos: There's a part of the put on animations with adults that makes it look like the adult Sim is sitting behind the toddler supporting them as they ride, which is very cute! #NotAllClippingIsBad

Honeywell's Busy Bee Bouncing Bobble Spring Rider
It costs 80 and can be found in hobbies/recreation. Polycount 1571. Part of Honeywell's wonderful Summer Fun Playset, which has adorable matching objects of most of the playground equipment. For full details on the spring rider, please see Honeywells original thread.

- Rebecah for the original mod, that coded the get on interaction and created custom animations for it. She did the ground work, I only added some annoyance-fixes to her work. Thank you for your generous policy If you'd like Rebecah's original, or just want to show her your appreciation, the original upload is found here.
- porkypine who was kind enough to give me permission to update and include her draggy spring rider, and who thought of and created this wonderfully cute little dragon in the first place
- Honeywell for the adorable bee rider, and the whole themed summer playset. She is and always will be one of my favorite creators, and the playset is my go-to set for all my Sim kids playground needs! I may hate bees in real life, but I sure do love them in spring rider form
- The adorable Sigrid who modelled the busy bee and little draggy, the first trans sim in my hood
- Thank you to Kukamuukaanmuka who helped test