BG Rolling Hills Painting ~ DEFAULT Replacement

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Uploaded 13th Dec 2017 at 6:04 AM

While downloading some new holiday-themed goodies today, I ran across a download that recommended Michelle's basegame frame recolors . As noted in Michelle's post there is a slight flaw with the Rolling Hills painting: there is a white line running down one side of it. It's not a glaring "OMG!!! Someone needs to fix this RIGHT NOW!!!!" type of flaw.. however, it may be more noticeable if you have any recolors of the painting. (I don't so.... you know.)



Yes, as I said, it's not a glaring flaw but it was an easy fix. So I fixed it (and I also edited the Sweet Down Low version).

There are 2 versions of the fix in this download: since you can only have one default in your game you need to pick one of them:
Download BaseGame-RollingHillsDEFAULT if you CAN NOT shift objects up and down OR don't want/can't use the Sweet Down Low version.
Download SweetDownLow-RollingHillsDEFAULT if you CAN shift objects up and down and/or want the Sweet Down Low version.

What is the Sweet Down Low version? (NOTE: You need Apartment Life to be able to use this version!!)
Jane over at threadandsandpaper made default replacements of a lot of Maxis and custom meshes that are lowered to the ground. She did this because shifting objects down can cause them to get darker. Since the meshes are already lowered as far as they can go and can only be shifted up, this is avoided.

Just plop the file in your downloads, there won't be any cc star so no need to worry about that! And if you download the Sweet Down Low version, just let my file overwrite the original!

Additional Credits:
Michelle for the frame recolor used in screenshots, MilkShape, SimPE and Jane for the Sweet Down Low version. Oh yeah, and PhotoShop CS2 too, lol.