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Miner's Cove - Sims 3 Post-apocalyptic World

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Uploaded: 4th Jan 2018 at 5:02 PM
When Miner's Cove was founded, it was a prosperous little town that survived on the money earned from mining rare gems from beneath the island. However, it wasn't long before the people of this island sucked the land dry, and when that happened, a mysterious and poisonous gas arose from the mines. Those who chose to stay behind found themselves becoming ill, running out of supplies, and losing all contact with the outside world as their little mining town crumbled around them.

Can anyone bring prosperity back to this poor island, or is it a lost cause?

- - - - -

Miner's Cove is a tiny post-apocalyptic island world with three small starter homes, a sparse campsite, and an empty lot. The world contains most base-game spawners and each house has a little story to discover inside about the previous residents, so I highly recommend moving from house to house if you want to see each story!

This world uses ALL EP's and no SP's or custom content, other than Burnt Waffle's (optional) lighting mod with Monte Vista water. This island is not very suitable for animals or a large amount of Sims, but with some effort you can really clean the place up and have a nice little community here! There is also a single dive lot with some treasure hidden inside.

Miner's Cove is tiny, but it is meant to be explored. Every lot has a hidden story, but at the same time the story is up to you.

Enjoy, my friends... if you survive!

- - - - -

World Information
Layers: Four in total (global layer, objects, plants, and spawners)
Spawners used: Spawners are rather sparse to fit the world, but I have added a few base-game spawners, a nanite spawner, some underwater spawners, a WA fishing spawner, and a deathfish spawner. There are 16 spawners in total.
Lots: 5 residential, 1 dive lot, and one empty lot. The lots are all small-medium.
Routing: Sims can go just about anywhere except for steep hillsides. Most of the water is free to roam, as well as the land.