The Mistral Wood and Glass Staircase (with 36 matching fences)

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Uploaded: 27th Dec 2017 at 7:15 PM

The staircase is just plain old wooden treads, supported by thick glass walls. The top rails are sized to cover the floor edges in the floor cutout the stairs make. The fence rails also cover floor edges at their bases, and are designed slightly thicker than the top rail of the staircase, so that the fence color should "override" the staircase color if they are not the same.

Both staircase and fence have two recolorable subsets - wood and glass. I tried to get away with just a few representative color combinations on the fences, but who was I kidding? I knew just after a couple hours of testing and fine-tuning, that I would end up making fences for all possible combinations for my own game, so ... might as well just knuckle down and get them all done at once so I could share. If you don't want all the clutter in your Build Mode bin, don't feel obligated to install them all. They are separated by wood color into subfolders, so you can pick and choose which ones you want to put in the Downloads folder of your game.

Requirements: These are technically both Basegame objects, but you will need to have at least one EP installed for the fences to work.

Tools used:

Blender 2.79

GIMP SimPE Genetica Viewer

Technical Data:

in-game price:

Staircase - 1,225
Railing/Fence - 42

face count:

Staircase - 1214
Railing/Fence - 96 (same for both straight and diagonal)

Catalog Location:

Staircase - Build Tools > Staircases
Railing/Fence - Build Mode>Miscellaneous>Fences

Textures Attribution

All wood textures are Eaxis, taken from Simple Structure Staircase and Stare Stepper
Glass created in GIMP and SimPE, with a texture generated using Genetica Viewer
Texture for "pistons" - Great circular brushed gold texture

Polygon Counts:
stairs 1080
groundshadow 6
railleft1 16
railleft2 16
railleft3 16
railleft4 16
railright1 16
railright2 16
railright3 16
railright4 16

straight 96
diagonal 96
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Additional Credits:
Quaxi and the SimPE team
Tashiketh and the great MTS community
Frillen and pixelhate for helping me understand TXMTs and transparency