Double Helix Ascension Platforms (Spiral Stairs)

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Uploaded 4th Jan 2018 at 1:04 PM

Heliotrope Andronicus spent a lot of time and money getting a biochemistry degree. Then he dropped out his senior year to assemble furniture at Daedalus Industries. Drawing all those micelles and vacuoles and ribosomes for his labs paid off, because we noticed right away that his doodlings were quite detailed and accurate. I offered him a design job soon after this discovery and he turned me down, saying he preferred to work with his hands. I let him know it paid more and that we have a handball court for executives, so he's now our lead design artist for the Building Division. Always striving to meld architecture organically with nature, here is his loving tribute to the DNA molecule.

Two recolorable subsets - metal and glass. There are seven metal colors and five glass colors.

Technical Info:

Requires: Apartment Life EP, since these are cloned from EAxis spiral stairs

Textures: all textures are EAxis, with slight modifications and recloring in GIMP

GUIDs: D586C057-D586C05F

in-game price: 1244

Game location: BuildTools>Staircases

Total polygons: 2987 (about 400 more than glass ceiling spiral stairs)

Known Issues:

--Inner handrail is not as smooth as I'd like, but had to keep the poly count within reason.
--Due to all the weird twisted angles on the center poles and handrails, sometimes the reflection cube makes some bizarre shading from certain angles. I experimented for almost two weeks with different cube settings and remeshes, etc., but no one solution could fix it all unless I took the curves out (and we know that's not gonna happen), so I tried to minimize the weirdness and we'll just call the remaining eyeglitches "Features"
--On the top floor accessed by these stairs, the glass balustrade clips through the floor a little bit, but not enough to warrant another remesh. If it bothers you, or ruins the flow of your decor, just let me know and I'll see if I can fix it.

--There is no right turn version for these stairs. If there's enough interest in one, just let me know in the comments and I'll make the effort to see it happen.

Polygon Counts:
shadows - 12
glass - 1027
metal - 1948

Additional Credits:
Numenor, RGiles for the CEP,
Quaxi and team for SimPE,