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Atavera's Classic Grillitan Diner Sign for Sims 4

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Uploaded: 30th Jan 2018 at 6:44 PM
Updated: 5th May 2018 at 10:55 PM

One of the few times I've ever tampered with a mesh in Blender (because the learning curve is quite sharp!)

Right before Atavera retired from Sims modding, he made several custom meshes for Sims 2 by user request. One of those requests was by me, for a Grillitan Diner sign. It...sort of worked for that game. Now, his mesh has been re-worked for use in Sims 4.

This is my first time publishing a custom mesh, so I realize the poly count is a bit high.

The image above is a promo image, edited in Photoshop and containing Sims of Wes Sankey, Valerie McMaline, Reggie Schmelding, and Bookie Rodriguez. (At that point in the Dromedeverse timeline, Jenny Kay was still serving time at Camelorum Correctional, so she's considered part of Camelorum Adventures instead, and not included here.)

This is an unedited (apart from cropping) screenshot of the sign doing its thing on the right side wall of the main building.

On the left side, this is a partially edited shot (lighting tweaks on sky and surroundings.) From a distance, the sign looks amazing in day or night time.

Finally, this edited shot (everything but the sign itself) reveals how well it works against a billboard backdrop.

Catalog and Price

You can find "Grillitan Diner Sign" under Buy Mode - > Lighting - > Wall Lights. It will cost 200 simoleons per sign.

Description: "It may be a restaurant, but it's not a Grillitan Diner without the official sign."

Note: The mesh came out a bit larger than I wanted it to. If you want a more reasonable sign size, I highly recommend using the " [ " cheat. Also, the sign gives off white light by default. If you want to change that, make sure that headline effects are on. Select "change color light and intensity." Select the maroon light indoors or the red one outdoors. Adjust the intensity until you get your desired results. It should look like a pink neon sign, more or less.

Polygon Counts:


Additional Credits:
New mesh made by me, using Atavera's as a base. Original mesh by Atavera. Light script data by Maxis. Adaptation courtesy of SimPE, Blender, and Sims 4 Studio. Grillitan Diner logo and concept is a trademark of Dozerfleet Productions.


This design is now considered the classic Grillitan logo. Recent developments have led to a new design with a different font. Getting that new design to convert to a mesh may take some time. Information is available at the Dozerfleet Database, on the Dromedeverse main article.