Functional Parenthood Hamper

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Uploaded 25th Jan 2018 at 4:45 PM · Updated 29th Sep 2021 at 7:41 PM by Athena Apollos : Both versions work with 1.80

***This hamper requires Laundry Day Stuff to work in your game!!!***

***STANDALONE works with latest update***

***DEFAULT OVERRIDE FIXED for latest update***

***DEFAULT OVERRIDE works with latest update***

Made with game version

Update - 27 Aug 2021

The default override version may not work with all saves.

I was disappointed when SimGuruGraham announced that EA would not make any of the deco laundry bins from previous packs backwards compatible with the new laundry system in the Laundry Day Stuff Pack. I really like the canvas hamper from Parenthood and I looked around the Internet but could not find any modded versions. So here I present to the Simmer community, the Functional Parenthood Laundry Basket. Enjoy!

P.S. It looks like EA fixed the initial placement issues with patch 1.41. You can now safely place the hamper against the wall and/or underneath shelves.

2 Flavors
DO = Default Override - FIXED as of patch
SA = Standalone

Catalogue Info
Name: Laundry Basket
Price: §30
Locations: Misc Appliances and Misc Decorations
Swatches: All 9 original swatches

LODs and Polygon Counts
LOD 0: 783
LOD 1: 643
LOD 2: 595

  • Works best if Sim has a clear path to both hamper and laundry machines
  • This hamper was made on a Mac. If you have a PC, please delete the file named MACOSX - otherwise your game will not start. Thanks to ksstrek, jamee, SymJimm, and Cidsan for pointing out the error and the solution.
  • Default Override version may not function in all saves. I haven't pinpointed exactly why this happens. I tested this mod in my "MC-vanilla" testing save with only it and MCCC, and the mod worked as advertised. When I tried it in my current save with just MCCC, the mod did not work.

Additional Credits
nabob052, Regular Trash Lord, Tysakasa, SebbyRhys, and Hathorik on Discord for mod testing and coding help
Adobe Photoshop
iyaS, Cinderelli and Martine for the CC deco in my pics
Olesmit for André's outfit
Font used is "Craptastic" by me
Model: André Desjardins