Pursuit of Happiness Aspiration v1.2

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Uploaded: 28th Jan 2018 at 8:49 PM
Updated: 2nd Feb 2018 at 3:10 PM - Changed the 'Perfect 10' stage to ensure everything is set to 10!
This custom aspiration has been designed to focus Sims on things that make them happy. It is all about giving them some 'me time'.

Please note you will need Spa Day for this aspiration.

Made and tested with game version

If you complete the aspiration you receive the 'Bright Side' trait, an emotional trait where your Sim will remain happier for longer in most situations!

There are 5 Aspiration Levels

Level 1:
Dance in a Group
Be friendly 20 times
Make 2 friends

Level 2:
Use a Hot Tub
Own a TV Worth 2000 Simoleans (or more)
Achieve Level 5 in the Wellness Skill

Level 3:
Listen to Music for an Hour, it doesn't matter what, but keep it happy!
Play a Game for an Hour Straight, like the Sims
Socialize with 10 Different Sims
Perform two Comedy Routines, they better be funny!

Level 4:
Get 5 Massages: find a massage table!
Have 20 Bubble Baths, take some time for yourself!
Practice Yoga 5 Times
Eat Some Pizza, mmmmm

Level 5: (Perfect 10)
Make 10 New Friends
Achieve Level 10 in Wellness to achieve total peace!
Go swimming 10 times, and enjoy it!
Kiss a Sim 10 times (doesn't have to be the same Sim!)