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"Essential Home" recolors of the Dana Modular Sofa

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Uploaded: 2nd Feb 2018 at 5:26 PM
Updated: 30th Jan 2019 at 3:59 AM
I've always loved the colors and fabric styles offered by Target's Home Essentials collection, so now I'm bringing it to the Sims 2. (Technically, it's not my first creation in the pallette, I've done entire swathes of walls and floors but since I made them in HomeCrafter, I have to go back and rename them, so I'm stalling on that.) What better way to introduce a wonderful color and fabric set than by recoloring a lovely modern sectional sofa? The Dana's stylings seemed perfect for this, and nicely matched that style that I was looking for. Plus, I figured out how to keep my textures from degrading after a save.

For the most part, each color is titled the same as the color of the fabric storage bin at Target (except the yellow, that wound up too dark to be called "yellow" imo, so it's "reef gold"), so if you're familiar with Target, you'll know what's what. The preview images are mostly done with a white as the bare neutral so I could show how the pillows don't have to go with the sofa in question, since it is two subsets, and all the photos were taken inside an EAxis house at 8am in the autumn, for whatever effect that has on the lighting.

Cost for each segment of the sofa is §179, plus the §15 should you want to recolor them. 90% sure I remembered to Compressorize them, but if you have the compressorizer, obviously you're welcome to re-compress. All other instructions are in the original thread.

Additional Credits:
Target.com for the photos of the fabric storage bins (x) (x) (x, for some reason the pink is no longer displayed) (x) (x)
Adobe Photoshop