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Pets and toddlers on Vacation

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Uploaded: 10th Feb 2018 at 12:10 PM
Updated: 1st Jan 2021 at 8:53 PM - Optional downloads
Who goes on vacation
- Normally, only humans from child to elder can travel to vacation destinations.
This mod allows to add:
- toddlers
- dogs
- cats
- puppies
- kittens

Practically everyone except babies.
Sims can:
- take their household members
- invite pets and toddlers from other families as guest vacationers (provided they're friends)

How they get there
So, a sim has booked vacation and airport shuttle has arrived.
- Grown-up pets get in the van and take a seat.
- Kids and older humans walk with their suitcases and take a seat in the van as well.
- If toddlers, puppies and kittens are free from any containers and can move around, they crawl near the car and poof. Otherwise they disappear from their beds/chairs/person's hands/whatever's holding them. If they can't get near the car for any reason, they just poof. In any case, rugrats will be linked to vacation party and appear at destination with everyone else.
- On arrival, little ones just appear near the airport shuttle after it stops. Everyone else gets out the van through doors, as usual.
- So, just to be clear, there's no animation for getting in and out airport shuttle van for toddlers, puppies and kittens, but they travel as well as others.

What they do
This depends on what your vacation sub-hood has to offer! :P
- If you decide to go on vacation community lot without toddlers, you'll be offered nanny services before you go (even in hotels). Pets don't need nannies.
- This mod can be used with 'Allow puppy kitten toddler riders' mod that allows to go to community lots with little ones. It's not needed for my mod to work, but I recommend it or some similar mod.
- Toddlers and pets don't go on tours. It's not very appropriate for them to get in a helicopter to explore ancient woods or whatever.
- Pets do not receive vacation benefits, even though it looks like you pick them in a dialog. Toddlers do receive them.

Important stuff
- The mod requires either Ultimate Collection or BV + AL/M&G
- Clear game's cache and backup your 'hoods once you installed it and before running the game.
- I tested different situations, but I'm not perfect. If you catch any bugs, please let me know.
- If you've been testing the file from this CFF thread, you can keep it. The difference is I compressed the resources.
- The mod may conflict with other mods that alter the same resources. When in doubt - run HCDU.
Does NOT conflict with:
- df_allow_puppy_kitten_toddler_riders (even though HCDU says so. I made sure it's OK)

Tips on building pet & toddler friendly hotels
Keep in mind:
- Sims can't get bottles from mini-fridge (unless modded). They can get toddler mush from it when toddler is in a high chair, though.
- Puppies, kittens and toddlers normally can't use stairs.
- To save space and money, you can put only sleeping items inside paid rooms, and the rest can go in special parenting rooms, play rooms and some kind of pet rooms.
- Don't forget to place vital items for pets and toddlers.
- food bowl
- pet bed or house
- bathtub or shower-tub to bathe dogs
- optional - pet toys and litterbox
- crib or toddler bed
- fridge
- bathtub or shower-tub
- optional - changing table, high chair, potty chair and toys

Optional downloads that might be useful
- Buy/build mode enabler mod to use inventory even where it's normally not available.
- Allow puppy kitten toddler riders mod to take rugrats to community lots.
- Custom mini-fridge that allows to get bottles: The SupaFridge.
- MoonlightDragons never ending sippy cups (can't find a link).
Pet & toddler friendly vacation lots & 'hoods:
- Dog friendly hotel Rover's Relax by CatherineTCJD
- 3 Lakes - Beach hotel by MyWickedSims
- Moonbase Apollo - pet & toddler friendly vacation SUBHOOD by Jawusa
Hope to see more of such lots! Will be filling this list over time.

Additional Credits:
- The Sims 2
- SimPE - Photoshop
- MTS & wiki
- and I thank Kukamuukaanmuka and CatherineTCJD for giving it a test before I uploaded