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Rover's Relax ~ Sent to the Doghouse Again? Have fun!

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 10th Feb 2018 at 10:53 PM
Updated: 11th Feb 2018 at 6:12 PM

Believe me - your pup is just begging to come here! ...Turn down service with liver snaps!

Never mind that you're staying in the doghouse - this hotel is designed to treat your sim and their doggity-dog friends to the most "relaxingist" getaway ever!

There are five rooms to choose from: accommodating everyone from single sims to a family of four with their furry (canine) friends.

Every room has a table for room service dining, a TV, tub for dog washing, pet beds and food bowls. The blue room (shown below) is recommended for a single sims use. Because the bed is at an angle, your sims will walk right through it - but it still functions just fine. The other rooms do not have 'angle' issues, and are recommended for two or more sims. Outside amenities include a playground, chess tables, hammock, grill area, and fishing pond.

I started building this lot way before I knew about Lamare's sweet new mod: Pets and Toddlers on Vacation - I was just going to put the hotel in my regular hood, and summon in my pets - but now, thanks to Lamare, this hotel can be used in your vacation hood! I highly recommend using the Pets and Toddlers on Vacation mod when playing this lot.

Please scroll through all the pictures to see everything this hotel has to offer. This lot has been play tested; you will receive a clean copy of the lot in your download. Please make sure to also download the Signage files - they are EAxis painting recolors (by me) that didn't package with the lot. I tried to use as little CC as possible - if I forgot to include something in the shopping list below, please let me know.

Necessary, and NOT included - GO get them:
Mirrored Spiral Stairs by Anoeska @ TSR
Backless Value TubShower by HL @ MTS
Fake Trashcan by Windkeeper @ MTS
Invisible Driveway by Sophie-David @ MTS
Pinegultcher Fence by Numenor @ MTS
Lifestyle Build Bundle for much of the wallpaper and floors - extracted from Lifestyle Stories by Argon @ MATY
The Pinegultcher Fence in worn wood (by Nengi65 @ MTS2/now at the Graveyard) I keep getting "Bad Gateway" errors when trying to access the Graveyard - so I'm going to add my copy of this fence to the download section for this lot.

NOTE: If walls are missing when you first visit the lot, exit without saving and add Numenor's Unlevel Wall - #90 to your DL folder before loading this house again. Sometimes I use this wall instead of the CFE cheat when building houses. (*This doesn't pertain to missing wallPAPER.)

Also - if the archways are not 'cut out' when you first enter the lot, exit back to the hood and re-enter. This is a known graphical glitch that should fix itself.

Standard mods I use that are not necessary nor included - but were probably used whilst building/photo-ing/prepping this house for upload...
I use Moi's Roof Shader for brighter roofs
Maranatah's White Wall Top texture replacement
Moo's Turn On/Off Lights
Menaceman's Lunatech Lighting Fix
BeosBoxBoy's no-red-pause-mod
I also use FRAPs to take in-game pictures, and PhotoShop to clean/collage said pictures.

Lot Size: 5x4
Lot Price (furnished): $159,035

Custom Content by Me:
- PineGultcher-WornGreyREC - original recolor by nengi65, converted for these stairs by me.
- Hotel Signage - all EAxis painting recolors

Custom Content Included:
- Elleval Euro Stairs in White by HugeLunatic @ MTS2
- Modern Fence Low by lirunchik @ Black Pearl Sims (now at TSR)
- HL_EuroREC-TGblue2 by amythestfenix @ Sims2Artists