Hacker Trait

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Hacker (Hobby trait)
A Sim who enjoys hacking and gaining unauthorized access to systems online.

Ages YA, Adult and Elder

Make Mobile App
Make Plugin
Make Video Game
Make Virus
Practice Programming
Hack Crumplebottom servers, Landgraab Systems, Llamacor Listserv, Lothario Trust fund, National Sims Security Agency, Plumbook, Supercomputer,
Participate in Hackathon

All buffs above give a +2 Confident moodlet for 4 hours.

Hack work perfomance gives off a Happy moodlet +2 for 4 hours.

Buy a new Computer
Earn money from programming
Hack something successfully
Level up in programming skill
Sell Mobile Apps (sell 3)

Skill Increases:
Programming skill gained 2x faster
No other effects on other skills, career or autonomy

Additional Credits:
Mod Constructor v3

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