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An Aristocratic Demeanor - Chic Hairstyle for Adults and Elders - 10 colors - BINNED

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Uploaded: 28th Feb 2018 at 3:35 AM
Updated: 25th Jul 2018 at 10:59 AM

Now, you can get Tywin's chic hairstyle in 10 colors. Other aging sims can look classy too!
If you need just the black color, with the bald spot, and binned, now we got it as a separate download.


An Aristocratic Demeanor
This is a new set of hair for your adult and elder sims in 9 colors + the Custom Silver.
Of course it is a little old fashioned, yet it can look good on a great number of sims. Your younger sims might pass, but your classic sims will look wonderful with this.

Elder sims get the silver version from the Black color. All elder versions of this have the balding section except the NOBaldSpot CustomSilver.
If you want elders with a full head of hair, use the NOBaldSpot CustomSilver, the separate one. With it, they are considered as wearing 'Elder hair' AND 'Custom hair' by the turn on/turn off flag. Use this information wisely.

When you hover the downloads, the Custom Silver seems to be inside the group of 9 colors, but in reality it's not. The 9 colors are 1 black, 2 browns, 4 blonds and 2 reds. For the Custom Silver to show up in your game, you need to download it separately. It is a Custom color and not binned, everything else is binned.

It's a new mesh. I made this mesh and retexture when I made Tywin.
Inspiration for the mesh : Lord of the Manor, by HIM666
Original textures used by HIM666 are Nouk's. No idea which specific textures they used, so I am linking you to Nouk's general profile on MTS.

You can use both styles, with and without the balding section, they don't conflict with each other. The only downside is that they look alike each other very much, the only difference is the balding section in the back of the sim's head.

If anyone wants to try themselves at recoloring/editing/greying this, I joined the mesh alone in a separate zip.

Have fun with this!

Billie xx

Polygon Counts:
Faces 238, Vertices 135