Enhanced Witches (Update 11/20/22)

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Uploaded: 3rd Mar 2018 at 10:52 AM
Updated: 20th Nov 2022 at 11:57 AM - Update
(The plant based spells are giving issues to some people, I haven't gotten problems on my end. I don't know why it causes problems sometimes. If you use these spells beware of this problem)

Flavor 2 is now discontinued because a menu is now available in the city hall which you can use to modify the autonomy of spells.

(Please read this, a lot of questions that people usually ask me about my mod are already explained in the description)

Hi, I'm PuddingFace.

This is a new mod I've made called enhanced witches. What it does is allow child witches to use magic without stretch animations and Adults and Teens to use magic on them and also adds some new spells and features

How to install

1)First download MagicTuning.7z, WitchEffects.7z and MagicAnimations.7z
2)Then download EnhancedWitches.7z depending on which one you prefer. Check the flavour info to decide.
3)Download my enhanced wands mod Enhanced Wands mod. It's a requirement since 4/08/18
4)Get the C# Script Utility mod
5)Unzip them
6)Place them in Mods/packages folder
7)Start the Game. Give your child witch/wizard/warlock a wand.

Flavor Info

1)In EnhancedWitches.7z LoveCharm and HauntingRitual are set to not be autonomous. (This will be made optional in the future)

EnhancedWitches(flavour 2) is now discontinued because the main mod now has an option that provides a menu to change the autonomy of spells.

Additional Details

1)Children won't be frozen solid from iceblast.
2)Toadification and Love Charm can't be used on Children. Children can use them on Teens and Adults though.
3)Children can have spellcasting duels with other children only. I'll try to change that in the future but currently think of it as being illegal under magical law or something This is now possible after the 18th December update.
4) The love charm is set to not be autonomous for this mod.

Wand Bonding Help

Extra Spells Info

Update Log




















Technical Details

1)The EnhancedWitches.7z is a pure script mod and won't conflict with anything.

2)The MagicAnimations.7z contains the animations, unless someone has made animations with the exact same name and hash, it won't conflict. This 7z file contains 6 packages, all these packages contain different animations and each of these 6 packages have to be placed in the Mods/Packages folder.

3)Now MagicTuning.7z contains a tuning mod. It will conflict with any other mod that modified the ITUN files for magic spells. Please check the mod conflicts section to check which ITUN files are used in this. I also recommend Delphy's dashboard to check for conflicts. Most other witch themed tuning mods will conflict with this one, so please check with Delphy's dashboard. This tuning mod is important for this mod to function properly.

Mod Conflicts

Plans for the future
(Striked means done )
1)Extra Spells like Bad Luck Curse, Knockout Jinx, Energy, Social, Fun, Hydration Charm and Curses. Destoration Ritual etc.
2)Relationship increase and decrease from spells. Like Sims will like you for casting beneficial charms on them and hate you for cursing them.

If there's any problem please let me know in the comments or by PM.

Additional Credits:

Justin for supporting me on Patreon.

TheSweetToddler for the hand movement animation for teleportation

Sofmc9 for showing me how to convert animations and helping with some of the animation conversions.

Painted Wings Production for her tutorial.

Echoweaver for taking a lot of initiative and research in the early stages of the mod which paved the way for this mod.

Lyralei for teaching me a lot about Jazz Scripts and Rigs placement.

Chain_Reaction over at Nraas for teaching me a lot about Script mods and sharing ideas regarding this mod. He also made a modified version of Hybrid mod to help with initial testing of the animations.

Druyddark, schnuffi, Lyralei, whiteman-Dara for translation

Butterbot and Murfee for helping me brainstorm to solve a lot of the problems and for telling me about Rigs and meshes.

All the tutorials from Buzzler, NonaMena and CmarNYC.

The creators of S3PE and Visual Studio 2015.