Jungle Adventure Minor mods - [Updated 1st July 2018]

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Uploaded: 1st Mar 2018 at 5:55 PM
Updated: 1st Jul 2018 at 12:15 AM - Updated for Seasons Patch
Update - 1st July 2018 : Season Patch

--- Updated to Seasons Patch ( PC / Mac

(The ones not updated does not require any changes)

Skeleton cheats Update

---Added a ' Pray for Humanization' Interaction to the Selvadorado Town Sculpture of the Saint - Turns a sim back into a human from skeleton ( less cheaty than directly clicking on the sims to remove the state )

---zeldagirl180 wanted an option to stop ageing for the skeleton so I added a CAS trait version of the skeleton. I did not override the Hidden skeleton trait as it was bound to cause issues. Instead I created a minor CAS trait to apply Skeletonism ( nothing new! Just another better way to cheat XD ).
--->The 'Humanize sim' and the 'Pray for humanization' interactions will remove the CAS trait
----> Trait Info - Under Social traits. Only buff - +1 Energized 'Blessing of the Bones' , No whims, gameplay modification factors except those provided by the vanilla 'Blessing of the Bones' buffs.
--->Ageing is disabled
---> Issue - If you apply the trait in CAS then the skeleton state becomes visible only after you leave the CAS screen

The trait version ( included in the .rar archive requires the main package - 'icemunmun_Skeleton_Cheats'


Adds four small mods for jungle Adventure. These mods are what I felt I required when I was playing the game so here they are -

1. Emotion Berry trees
2. Falls Buff Change
3. Rumbasim No skill
4. Skeleton cheats
5. Light fix

Light Fix for the Buy mode lights

-- So the 4 lights that came with Jungle Adventure emits so little light that it is impossible to properly light up the interiors with them. So I brightened the light intensity emitted by them to give a much better light coverage ( See attached images for comparison).

--- The Lights affected are -

1. Rustic candle chandelier
2. Embellished metallic Scone
3. Hand Carved lamp
4. Weathered lantern

Resources overriden

Any mod that overrides the above resources will conflict

Emotion berry trees


---In game the tree of emotions bears 7 different berries colour coded according to the mood they give. I made 7 different trees which are grown by planting the emotion berries (instead of the single Tree of Emotions)
---The trees produced by planting the respective berries are -

- Razzleberry Tree
- Merryberry Tree
- Cereberry Tree
- Gutsberry Tree
- Vimberry Tree
- Flutterberry Tree
- Museberry Tree

The multi fruit bearing Tree of emotions will appear as usual in the wild

Resources overriden

Any mod that overrides the above resources will conflict

Fall Buffs

---The flirty falls gives a +2 flirty buff and it was really distracting to see the sims stop all the adventuring and do the flirty idles So I made the following changes

- +2 Focused buff by default for 180 sim minutes - Feel The Falls

- +2 Inspired buff for Creative trait for 240 sim minutes - Beautiful inspiration

- +2 Inspired buff for Art Lover trait for 240 sim minutes - Art Of Falls

- +2 Flirty buff for Romantic trait for 240 sim minutes - Charmed By Nature

- +2 Happy buff for Loves the outdoors trait for 240 sim minutes - Beautiful Outdoors

Resources overriden

Any mod that overrides the above resources will conflict

Rumbasim - No skill

---In Vanilla game, the sims had to be a level 4 Selvadoradian Skill to dance the Rumbasims to the Latin music/pop. I removed the skill requirement. Now your sims can dance the rumbasims without the headache of skill gain

Added additional package rumbasim_Dance3 - rumbasim dance available at Dancing Skill level 3 ( Get Together EP )

Get Any one version of the Rumbasim

Resources overriden

Any mod that overrides the above resources will conflict

Skeleton Cheats

--- By using cheats you can add a 12 hour buff or equip a trait to turn any sim into a skeleton ( see below for the list of cheats). I wanted skeletons on the go so i enabled debug interactions to turn a sim into skeleton and remove the skeleton state without cheats and from live mode

--- Interaction - 'Turn Sim into Skeleton' transforms the sim into the skeleton state and gives it one of 3 skeleton colours - White, grey, jazzy mosiac green. Cycles through these three colours.
- Maximizes and locks the all motives except Fun and Social
- Applies the +1 Energized Blessings of Bone Moodlet without a timer ( unlike the game cheat which gives a 12 hour buff)

--- Interaction - 'Restore Humanity' turns the sim back into human and removes all of the above mentioned effects

This is just a handy way to turn on and off the skeleton state without much hassle. Nothing special ( Also i mainly did this since I can never remember long cheats. )

Resources overriden

Any mod that overrides the above resources will conflict


- EA for early access code
- Scumbumbo for XML extracter
- Sims4studio
- s4pe