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Full face makeup kit v2, highlight, nose tip contour (blended), face contour

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Uploaded: 2nd Mar 2018 at 12:12 PM

Today i bring you a few makeup tools marked in section Blush (although there is no literal blush). I've put in here a highlight, face contour, nose tip contour and a full face makeup kit v2 for TF to EF. Did not include these for guys (don't ask me why i just didn't). I'd dedicate them for porcelain/pale/light/fair skins. (Unless you enjoy puting them onto dark ones though contours might be invissible but hey - it's your game!]).

I've included some pictures just of my models wearing those "blushes" though i may upload them later on.

She's wearing highlight.

She's wearing contours & highlight.

Whole set's on their faces.

Enjoy those & have fun!

Additional Credits:
Whysim - skins.
Hair covnertors.
Photoshop cs 5.