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All Beds Give Same Energy, Comfort and Stress Relief

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Uploaded: 3rd Mar 2018 at 8:53 PM
Updated: 19th Jul 2023 at 12:34 PM - File Update - 19 Jul 2023
Update Info

19 Jul 2023: Updated for Horses - V1.99.264
31 May 2023: OK with V1.98.127.1030. No update needed.
07 May 2023: File Update to add Growing Together Beds/Sleeping Bags
17 Mar 2023. Updated for Infants Patch - V1.96.365.
16 Mar 2023. Broken by Infants Patch - V1.96.365.1030. Update in Progress.
02 Nov 2022. OK With V1.93.129. No Update needed
15 Oct 2022: Cleared for V1.92. No Update required.
29 Jul 2022: Added 10 x Beds from the High School Pack. Only Standard Beds file is changed
28 Jul 2022: Updated V1.90.358 (High School, Sexual Orientation and Hair and stuff patch). All Files except Coffins have been changed.
15 Jun 2022: Updated for V1.89.214 (Werewolves Patch)
10 Nov 2021: Toddler Beds Feature Fix (Only Toddler Beds File Changed)
08Oct 2021. Updated for V1.80.69 – Spar Day Uplift and Additional CAS content. Includes all beds released in the base game and dlc upto this date.
18 Jun 2019. Updated for V1.52 - Island Living pre-patch 18 Jun.
21 Feb 2019. Updated for V1.50 (21 Feb Patch).
18 Dec 2018. Updated for V.1.48 (18 Dec Patch).
16 Nov 2018. Added Beds from Get Famous EP06 into 'Standard Beds' Category.
14 Nov 2018. Uploaded a Reworked Version of The Standard Beds File due to my Error on the original Updated File.
14 Nov 2018. The 'Standard Beds' Mod has an issue. Working on it.
13 Nov 2018. Updated for V1.47(PC) - Get Famous Pre-Release Game Patch.
23 Jul 2018. Corrected Error in Coding for Single Bed from Seasons EP. Should work now.
23 Jun 2018. Added 2x Double and 1x Single beds from Seasons EP.
20 Jun 2018. Updated for V1.44(PC) - All Files Updated.
30 May 2018. Checked Working V1.43. No updates needed.


This Mod aims to make all beds equal. Never mind the cost, all beds will give the same Energy gain and Emotion Buff relief as the top of the range bed. This allows you to pick your style and colour of bed to match your décor without the need to upgrade.

Applying the upgrades to a bed without this mod will deliver the same Energy gain for the sleeping Sim as a top range of the range bed. Lower quality beds get a bigger boost than high quality beds so once all the upgrades are applied Energy gain is about the same in all cases. However, this mod does a lot more than just increase the energy gain.


This is a tuning mod that changes the way beds affect a sleeping Sim:
  • Beds are upgraded by default – gives energy and comfort boost.
  • Beds give the same Energy gain – All beds levelled up to top quality standard.
  • Wake Up Buffs are the same for all beds – Standardised as a top quality bed
  • Negative Emotions decay during sleep on all beds

That is how most of the beds are changed. But, not all beds work the same so there are tweaks to the above info and the mod is in categories so that you can pick and choose which game effects to override.

Standard Beds (cyclelegs_standard_beds_same_energy_and_comfort.package)
Covers all beds except for:
  • Toddler Beds – Wake Up Tuning is not changed by this Mod
  • Coffins – Wake Up Buffs and Vampire Tuning are not changed by this Mod
  • Camping Beds and Tents – Outdoor type Tuning is not changed by this Mod
  • Murphy Beds and Loveseats – Changed as per Standard Beds, including the upgrades, so Death by Murphy is stopped.

A Note on Murphy Beds

This mod will fully upgrade the Murphy Beds. Consequently, Death by Murphy Bed will not occur.

If you want to play Death By Murphy then don't install ' cyclelegs_murphy_bed.package'. You can get the extra Energy and some Comfort gain by completing the mattress upgrades. But, you will loose the Negative Emotion decay added by this mod.

Notes On Using The Mod
(Thanks to @maynaleen for suggesting this info)
  • The Buy Mode description of the beds won't change, only the statistics are modified to match the Queen Ann Double Bed.
  • The mod is working if you see the energy bar increasing with 3 arrows.
  • The beds are fully modified. You can check this by selecting update on the beds. The option should be unavailable anymore.
  • Gameplay stuff is retained by the mod. Teens will still 'fear the future', you still have the chance of waking up Sad etc.

Included In The Mod

There are 5 packages with the mod. You can have just one or all of them together. This gives the option to mix and match which aspects of the gameplay you wish to override.
  • cyclelegs_standard_beds_same_energy_and_comfort.package
  • cyclelegs_toddler_beds_same_energy_and_comfort.package
  • cyclelegs_murphy_bed.package
  • cyclelegs_coffin_beds_same_energy_and_comfort.package
  • cyclelegs_camping_beds_same_energy_and_comfort.package

Standard Beds covers everything except:
Toddlers Beds (see the note on sleeping toddlers)
Camping Beds and Tents
Murphy Beds and Loveseats

This mod is based on the work of Shimrod101 . The original All Beds Same Energy & Comfort mod can be found here . Shimrod101 has not updated the mod since July 2016. Rial updated the mod several times the latest of which is here . I reworked the mod after the 'Cats & Dogs' patch and have kept it updated .

A great many thanks from the Sims community to MonoChaos for keeping this mod alive since 2019 when I ignored it. I have not looked at the mod by MonoChaos so I don't know how it differs from my reworked version here. But I am sure it is an excellent version and I would be delighted should it be kept alive. I might decide to bugger off round the world again.

Install Options

  • Unzip the download 'All Beds Energy and Comfort.zip'.
  • Decide which of the 5 bed packages you want
  • Put the selected package files in your mods folder.


This Mod changed the xml files listed below. There are some mods that change these files as well. They will conflict and the first file to load will be used by the Game. Of particular note is:

Already Upgraded by WhosAsking

The mod was created with v1.40. It is not compatible with versions of the game that pre date the 'Cats & Dogs' DLC release.
The mod is compatible with all DLC packs but they are not actually required for the mod to function. However, without the DLC you will not get the beds/tents/coffins that come with it.

This is a list of xml files altered by the mod. Any other mod that alters the xml file will conflict with this mod.

Initial Release Version Info
There are no changes in this mod from the version available at: http://simfileshare.net/download/466171/ with a release date of Feb 27 2018. If you have installed that version you do not need to update.

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Studio