Candle Making - Base Game

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Uploaded: 4th Apr 2018 at 11:45 AM
Updated: 27th Jan 2022 at 8:54 PM - Updated for cottage Living
Don't forget to look under the spoilers for important info! And apart from the Smell Aroma interaction, just Admiring the candles will also give many custom buffs! All the candles have at least one unique buff apart from the common buffs

Review in French by Kimikosoma

Update - 28th January 2022

- Bulk purchase of ingredients from the table re-enabled
- Fixed the error while extinguishing candle flame

Update - 30th July 2021

- Updated for Cottage Living
- Candles can be sold to the village shoppe

Update - 29th April 2020

- French translations by Kimiko Soma
- The Computer browse interactions will not be accesible to everybody now if the PC is locked fora sim

1. Introduction

Ever since the beekeeper box was released with Sims 3 supernatural, I wanted to making a candle crafting skill! So I when I made the beekeeper box, I simultaneously started on this Candle crafting station and skill. Yep! It took that long So here is the candle crafting station with a custom skill, 30 new candles and numerous buffs (50 +)

2. Description - Catalogue

1. Candle crafting Table

Name - Candle crafting table
Price - 750 simoleons
Location - Entertainment >Activity
Presets - 7

2. Candle making Kit

Name - Candle making kit
Price - 25 simoleons
Location - Misc Appliances
Presets - 3

3. Candles

Not present in the catalogue but can be found by searching for 'Candles' in debug mode

3. Interaction - details

1. Candle making Table - Craft Candle

--- opens up a recipe picker menu from which you can select the candles to craft

--- At level 1, only the plain candle is available for crafting.

--- As the Skill progresses, more candle recipes are unlocked

2. Candle making kit - Open box

--- Using the interaction will give 5 of any of the following ingredients - Wick, Dye, Glitter, Wax ( chances are low)

--- Equal chance of getting any one of the above

4. Skill - details

Name - Candle making

Levels - 10 levels

Gained By -

-- Reading skill books ( available from bookshelf)
-- Making Candles


-- At level 10, a new interaction is unlocked on the Candles - Sell to Botique ( Selling price 2x retail price)
other Features -

-- Custom Skill icon
--- Custom Speech and thought bubbles
--- Making Preserves is a Custom Club Activity (Get Together EP)
--- Can be mentored
--- As skill increases the skill gain for each candle crafted also increases. (The initial few levels require much more work than the higher levels)

Skill Books

--- 3 skill books -

1. CandleMaking Vol 1: Waxing and Waning

2. CandleMaking Vol 2: Get Fired

3. Candlemaking Vol 3: Lets Get Lit

--- Custom thought bubbles

--- Can be bought from the bookshelf

Skill Buffs

1. Ouch! - +1 Uncomfortable buff for 180 sim minutesfrom crafting candle. The frequency of the buff decreaes as the skill becomes higher

2. Proficient - +1 Confident buff for 120 sim minutes for crafting candle at level 5 - 9

3. Veritable Expert - +2 Focussed buff for 120 sim minutes for crafting candle at level 10

4. Crafted a Candle - + 1 Inspired buff for 60 sim minutes for making some candles

5. Made a fancy candle - + 1 Inspired buff for 60 sim minutes for making some candles

6. Made a novelty candle - + 1 Inspired buff for 60 sim minutes for making some candles

Skill level unlocks

------At Skill level 1, only the Plain Candle is available to craft. As the skill progresses, different candles are unlocked and can be crafted

5. Candles - Names, Interactions, Buffs

-- Can be crafted
-- Can be sold from the inventory
-- Can be sold from the city living Sales Tables
-- Can be obtained from the Buy mode catalogue after turning on debug and then searching by 'Candle'


1. Light/extinguish Candle

--- Self Explanatory
--- There is a chance the sim can get Singed
--- There is a chance the candle can melt ( The candle will disappear and the sim will get a notification that the 'Candle has melted' and melted wax will be found in the inventory which will have to be thrown away)

2. Smell the Aroma

--- Sim will smell the candle and will get special moodlets

3. Admire the handicraft

--- Sim will view/admire the candle and will get special moodlets

4. Sell to boutique

--- Sell the Candle at a higher price (2x retail price)
--- This interaction will be available after maxing out the skill


1. Warm Flame - +1 Happy moodlet from Lighting the Candle
- Very small chance of starting a fire when this buff is active

2. Slightly Singed - +2 Stressed moodlet from getting singed for 60 sim minutes
- Hygiene will be decreased slightly on getting singed

3. Melted - +1 Sad buff for 120 sim minutes after the candle has melted

4. Candle Aroma - +1 Inspired moodlet for 60 sim minutes from smelling the candle (Common buff)
- A lot of the candles have special moodlets for smelling ( see the buff table lower down)

5. Handcrafted Candle - +1 Focussed moodlet for 60 sim minutes from viewing the candle (Common buff)
- A lot of the candles have special moodlets for viewing( see the buff table lower down)

  • There are 3 types of ingredients for the candles -
  1. Wax - Obtained from the beekeeper box ( I have updated it so there is more chance of getting wax)
  2. Harvestables/Collectibles
  3. Essentials (From the Candle making Kit)

If you do not have the ingredients, making the candles will cost more ( Will add an ingredient absolutely required version)

Price Structure
  • The cost to make the candle has two components -

1. A small fee - to cover hidden costs. (Amounts to 0.1 % of retail price)
2. Delta ingredient price - Price to compensate for missing ingredients
  • Selling Price -

-- Adjusted so that the sim can profit
-- A higher price can be obtained by selling via the interaction 'Sell to Boutique' (Unlocked after maxing out the skill)

Buy Mode Recolour

--- All the candles ( except the beehive one) has multiple swatches ( because i had already made the textures so why not add some recolours!)
--- Once you have crafted a candle you can take the candle into buy mode and use the swatch tool to use other swatches

8. Buff details - with special effects

--- Some Candles will give special buffs on smelling and viewing the candle with various gameplay effects.
--- Read the buff description to find out more about the candle origin
--- All the buffs give +1 mood and lasts for 60 sim minutes

9. Requirement

Requirements are optional. The candles will function properly even without the ingredients. Having the ingredients in game will just make them show up in the recipe picker menu and lower the crafting cost.

1. Wax From Beebox
2. Vanilla Bean
3. Raspberry
4. Pumpkin Project
5. Cocoa
6. Plum
7. Guava
8. Peppermint
9. Pistachio
10. Coconut

10.Future Direction

--- Add more Candles
--- Make novelty soap option
--- other waxworks


1. Cannot queue candle crafting. have to craft candles one by one
2. When crafted the default state of the candle is Lit
3. Sometimes while trying to smell the candle, the sims will move in a wide arc ( have reduced this as much as possible)


Compatible with Game Version PC / Mac

Base Game Compatible


No Known Conflicts

14.Polycount Table


1. icemunmun_Candlemaking_Base
2. icemunmun_Candlemaking_Candles
3. icemunmun_CandleMaking_Script

All 3 files are required

I have separated them because it will be easier to update this way


A huge thanks to my testers ! Thank you so much for your patience

- Nicky Jayne - Twitch
- Just Jones
- Chaavik


- EA maxis for some of the meshes I modified to make candles
-Sims 4 studio