Southern Plantation Style

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Uploaded: 11th Mar 2018 at 5:00 PM
Greetings, Simmers!!!

More for our NOLA themed neighborhoods...

Many Thanks are in order!!! First, the obvious.... the many creators....the TRUE artists who make my work easy and the finished product look good....

Crisps and Kerosene
Samanta Black

Second.... thank you to the folks who post the pretties that I use for walls and recolors ...who are happy for mention of where it came from.....

The capital and fluted molding for the new panels were found at amazon....

The white cabinet door is here... their only restriction is that it not be duplicated for commercial purposes:

The incredible tooled leather wall panel lives here:

The beautiful embossed and gilded wallpaper lives in the Victoria and Albert collection here:

The crimson and champagne striped fabric is from e-bay :

Last....but, certainly, not least, thank you to
losts of new wallpapers to be had...

under the "damask" category....
page 1... second row from the bottom
page 6... rows 1, 2 and 3

under the "ancanthus" category...
page 1.... row 3


Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price (furnished): 245244

Custom Content by Me:

- Interior walls
- carpeting
- Bathroom Tiles
- Red Sonja Edit CuriousB Truffle Bed
- 4esf rug recolors
- English Rose Hedge
- Jazz age curtain recolors
- Regency Truffle Bed recolor
- carpeting
- stone walkway
- Panel set recolors
- Maxis Bedding Recolor

Custom Content Included:
- Paneled Doors by Raynuss
- Paneled Shutters by Raynuss
- Simpler Times Screen Door by Crisps and Kerosene
- Stair Wall Fix by JRW
- Rose Bushes by Samantaablack
- Antique Round Rug by 4ever Sim Fantasy
- All Dolled Up Curtains by Amovitam
- Stairs Nouveau Fence by Mutske
- Table with Umbrella by Veranka
- Iron Garden Chair by Veranka
- Bookcase by Julsfels
- Paneled Arches by Raynuss
- Casement Windows by Raynuss

Additional Credits:
Thank you for MTS, Delphy!

Thank you to Numenor, Quaxi and RGiles for SimPE and the Clean Installer Thank you to all of the staff ... you should all have your own lives...and you choose to put up with us!

Thank you to our great MTS community!