CEP-EXTRA Piece of Quiet Park Bench **UPDATED 4-22-18**

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Uploaded 27th Mar 2018 at 5:21 PM · Updated 22nd Apr 2018 at 9:33 AM by d4RE : update to fix neighborhood view

UPDATE 4-22-18: Fixed a problem that caused texture to flash blue in neighborhood view. Thanks to goderguy for bringing this to my attention.

I'm recently obsessed with making new meshes for benches, after spending a lot of time travelling. When I cloned the Piece of Quiet bench for these meshes, I was shocked to find it had only one recolorable subset. Searched for a CEP-EXTRA that allowed a second recolorable subset, but came up empty, so I made my own.

This CEP-EXTRA adds a subset called "supports", which includes the metal part of the mesh. It is a Basegame object, so is compatible with all game configurations. The CEP is required in order for this EXTRA to work. I hope you can find a use for it in your games and creations.

Please note that there is a special installation procedure for these files in order for them to work.

dARE_CEP_PieceofQuietParkBench-ProgramFiles.package: put into C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\The Sims 2\TSData\Res\Catalog\zCEP-EXTRA.
dARE_CEP_PieceofQuietParkBench-Documents.package: put into \Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\zCEP-EXTRA

Also included are a few recolors for the metal supports. The recolor file goes in your Downloads folder, per usual.

Technical Info

Location: Buy Mode > Comfort > Miscellaneous

In-game price: 500

Total faces - 1929 (same as game version)

Additional Credits:
Numenor and RGiles for the CEP SimPE - thanks to Quaxi and all the people who helped bring us this tool
The Compressorizer - thanks to jfade
MTS- Thanks to Tashiketh , the staff, and helpful folks of this community