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CEP-Extra ~ Longbranch Side Gate Metal Hardware

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Uploaded: 2nd Apr 2018 at 6:30 PM
This is a CEP-Extra for the Longbranch Side Gate, allowing the metal hardware to be recolourable. This also recolours the 2-tile, Longbranch Front Gate, as it is slaved to the Side Gate.

We also have 18 Colorbond and 5 MALM recolours of the Base Game Longbranch Side-Gate and the Pinegultcher Wood Rail Fence. There are four recolors of the metal included: Old Brass, Pewter, Rust and Verdigris, in a separate file. In addition, three Maxis' missing fence colours to match the original gates, included in a separate file. As a bonus we have added an invisible gate and fence recolour.

Where to Install the CEP Files:

SimFused-CEP-Extra-LongbranchSideGate-PF.package - goes in:
C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\The Sims 2\TSData\Res\Catalog\zCEP-EXTRA

SimFused-CEP-Extra-LongbranchSideGate.package and SimFused-CEP-Extra-LongbranchFrontGate.package - both go in:
Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\zCEP-EXTRA

Pinegultcher Wood Rail Fence: §40
Requires at least one EP for these clones to show up in your game.
Found in: Build Mode > Misc. > Fence Tool.
Poly Count: 1206

Longbranch Side-Gate: §150
Base Game compatible
Found in: Build Mode > Misc. > Gates.

Longbranch Front Gate: §180
Base Game compatible
Found in: Build Mode > Misc. > Gates.

Known issue: The ground shadows still show with the invisible gate and fence, when shadows are turned on.

Files have been compressed, objects have been checked in game and colour charts included in the zip files.

Special "Thanks" to:
Gdayars for her patience and advice.
Gabilei123 for her help.
Klaartje for the post we used as a guide, when making the CEP-Extra.

Additional Credits: SimPE ~ CEP ~ GIMP ~ Milkshape ~ UV Mapper ~ Homecrafter Plus ~ Gadwin PrintScreen ~ The Compressorizer ~ Maxis/EA Games ~ MTS
Shastakiss for her ygs textures in metal
Colorbond for the colour palette.
HeartDeco for requesting the recolours.