K-9 Officer Vest and Collar

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Uploaded: 9th Apr 2018 at 2:36 PM
Did you know that K-9 Officers are considered to be police officers? This is also true of the horse-partners of mounted police, and any other animals working with the police. Ideally, their vests are kevlar, and they work at everything from taking down suspects so they can be taken alive to searching out humans ranging from felons to lost children to sniffing out contraband. These accessories - an on-duty vest, and a more casual collar - will work for your canine partner of your human in the detective career. Available for large dogs only.

Now all we need is a mod to take pets to work; if anyone makes/finds one I'd love to link it here!

CAS Info
CAS ItemOccasionCatagoryColorAge
K-9 VestRegular and WalkingHarnessesBlack and BlueAdult and Elder
K-9 CollarRegular and WalkingCollarsBlack and BlueAdult and Elder