"Coldheart" - Hairstyle for Females (Teen to Elder)

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Uploaded: 14th Apr 2018 at 1:08 AM

Here I go again with a new thing This one was done in between moving houses and getting a promotion so it took waaaay longer than it needed lol. Why "Coldheart"? If you manage to figure out, PM me
Either way, if you'd like to retexture or convert this over to TS4 please go ahead - I only ask to credit me for the original mesh and maybe drop me a link so I can have a look Comments and thanks are welcome!

Basic information:

- Hair for female Sims, teen to elder.
- Can be found in CAS/Hair section.
- Available for clothing categories and is enabled for randoms.
- 2 version available: EA Highlights and Shine Highlights (see pictures). You can have both at the same time.
- Morph states and breast slider compatible.
- Low polygon count compared to other custom hair meshes, good for your loading times.
- Custom thumbnails included.

Known issues:

Due to how the transparency works in Sims 3, some minor issues can be found when using the 3D Eyelashes mod. Please see the pictures.

Polygon Counts:
LOD1 and LOD0: 7738

LOD2: 3836

LOD3: 1666

Additional Credits:
CC used: