Redesigned With Style - Movie Hangout Stuff Living Room Items

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Uploaded: 17th Apr 2018 at 1:24 AM
Updated: 12th Aug 2018 at 11:18 PM
Hello Everyone!

Redesigned With Style - Movie Hangout Stuff Living Room Items

This is another Redesigned With Style collection. This time, I have recoloured 13 living room items from
Movie Hangout Stuff (REQUIRED).
There are also new meshes for 2 paintings included in this set, that I made into smaller versions.

I have renamed some items that have been significantly altered in looks, the 2 painting sets and the coffee table.

These are the items in the set:

Grandma's Chair -- Comfort 4 Cost 190
The Long Stretch Sofa -- Comfort 6 Cost 870
Left and Right Triomphant Textiles (curtains) -- Cost 115
Cantankerous Cackleberries (hanging lights) -- Cost 135
Of Fire and Ice (table candles) -- Cost 170
The Colour of Style - (paintings) -- Original Size Happy 3 Cost 425 - Small Size Happy 3 Cost 250
Understated Elegance - (paintings) -- Original Size Happy 3 Cost 355 - Small Size Happy 3 Cost 200
Fast Flora, Fast Money (plant) -- Happy 2 Cost 260
Reflections of the Present Coffee Table -- Cost 220
Sha(g)ka Bra Rug (one style only) -- Cost 245

I didn't recolour the love seat because I didn't feel it fit in with the style of this upload.

These can be downloaded is a Merged Package called FULL SET Movie Hangout Living Room Items, or as individual items.

In game, you will find them in Buy Mode/by Room/Living Room.


In the following pictures, only the end tables, windows, walls, and floors are NOT included in this set.

Polygon Counts:
Painting - The Colour of Style Small
LOD 0: V312 P214
LOD 1: V232 P182
SHADOW LOD 0: V72 P124

Painting - Understated Elegance Small
LOD 0: V352 P244
LOD 1: V272 P212
SHADOW LOD 0: V80 P136
SHADOW LOD 1: V64 P104

Additional Credits:
Photoshop CC

Photoshop Brushes Used:
20 Elephant Family PS Brushes Abr. Vol. 4 Respect Wildlife at Brusheezy
Tree Master Pack Sample at Brusheezy Orig Tree Master Pack at Stock Graphic Designs
Leaves and Foliage Brushes at Brusheezy
20 Fabric Texture Brushes Vol. 11 at Brusheezy
20 Cocktail PS Brushes.Abr Vol.12 at Brusheezy
20 Cocktail PS Brushes.Abr Vol.5 at Brusheezy
8 Fantasy Butterfly Brushes by ForestGirl at Deviant Art
Bed of Roses by Linda Rae at Brushlovers
Swirl Brushes by Theoldschoolnew