Teleporter and Elevators for community and residential lots

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Uploaded: 29th Apr 2018 at 2:52 PM
Updated: 2nd Oct 2020 at 1:12 AM
Hi guys,

Compatible with game version: (Batuu Patch)

- WeeAlbet's mods. Please remove and replace. Thanks for the comments guys! Helped me find the problem

P.S. I have been getting reports that toddlers and dogs can't use elevators anymore, but this isn't caused by my mod. It's a reported EA bug.
Look for LittleMsSam's fix for this HERE in the mean time!


For any of you who are having trouble placing more than one elevator:

You can't have "WeeAlbet_ElevatorMannequinLimitIncreased" together with LemonyLin's Mannequin Uncapper mod, these conflict because they do the same thing.
You can:
-Use ONLY "WeeAlbet_ElevatorMannequinLimitIncreased", this will increase the number of elevators AND mannequins you can place
- if you prefer LemonyLin's mod, you can try it together with "WeeAlbet_ElevatorLimitIncreased" (which only increases the number of elevators).

All credit goes to Gauntlet101010, who figured this out and let me know, THANKS! :lovestruc

For your magical Hogwarts portal needs, I increased the number of markers you can place from 10 to 30. No need to re-download if you're happy with 10 though, it'll still work the same.

- Added an invisible recolour of the markers and reduced their footprint. The footprint area you see is where the sims appear/disappear. The markers can also be used with other deco objects (like deco stairs etc.) or simply by themselves to make getting around your lot faster. Thanks to Spiderses for giving me the idea that the markers have more uses! Thanks Spiderses!

- For those worried about random spawning: This mod takes it's basic tuning concept from the game's own elevators, BUT it also has the "spawn ability" removed. This means that sims won't randomly spawn. Specially important for homes, so visiting sims don't appear in front of the elevator in your house instead of going to your front door to knock first.

- To make it easier Wee Albet has generously allowed me to include the "elevator limit increase" file needed for this mod in my downloads section! Thanks Wee Albet!!
There are two files, one for elevators and one for both elevators and mannequins...chose ONLY ONE!


Functional elevators for your home, or community lots!

I had built this grand Spa/Gym up on the Sky Fitness lot in San Myshuno and it needed a lot of long stairs. As soon as I started playing it, my game started to lag, my sims got stuck by the stairs and it took them FOREEEVER to get anywhere, it was driving me crazy!! I looked for a solution and was hoping to place elevators but had no luck...until I came across this post ...
So credit for the tuning of this mod goes to DarkWalker, without whom, I would have gotten stuck and never figured out the "attached to building shell" issue. Thank you so much DarkWalker!!

But I was having issues with the lighting of the master elevator that I couldn't solve, so I came up with another idea. I made some "Elevator Markers" and "Elevator shells" that you can combine to solve the problem.

This is a custom mod, with non override tuning, so it shouldn't conflict with anything.

How to use:

  1. Chose ONE of Wee Albet's "Elevator Limit Increase" mods in the download section. This will allow you to place more than one elevator on your lot. Thanks Wee Albet!!
  2. ONLY ONE (red) Master Elevator Marker on the ground floor of your lot.
  3. Place the elevator of your choice on top of the marker
  4. Place the (green) Slave Elevator Markers where you want the rest of your elevators to go. You can use multiple of these.
  5. Place the rest of your elevators on these markers.

In this case, the markers contain the elevator tuning and my elevators themselves don't contain any tuning. So DON'T combine the markers with the games, or any unlocked elevators.
  • For Homes and Community Lots:
    Use this mod
  • For penthouses:
    • Use one of Wee Albet's "Elevator Limit Increased" mods found in my downloads section. Combine with the game's elevators in the catalogue under the "Penthouse Requirements" tab. This building type is already tuned to use elevators.
    • If you're using the vintage elevators, tube teleporters or markers by themselves, use ONLY green markers here.
  • For Apartments:
    • Use one of Wee Albet's "Elevator Limit Increased" mods found in my downloads section. Combine with Wee Albet's "unlocked elevators" (found under his video HERE ). This building type is already tuned to use elevators.
    • If you're using the vintage elevators, tube teleporters or markers by themselves, use ONLY green markers here.

The animations are the same as the games...your sim will walk up to one elevator and disappear, and reappear in front of the other. To keep the packages as small as possible they reference the in game textures.

Vintage Elevators
I also needed some old school elevators for my fancy old hotel and mansions, so I made a vintage elevator door out of the Sims 3 one. Unfortunately combining Sims 3 and 4 textures and meshes is a problem and I Iike things as Maxis match as possible so... this package comes with separated Sims 4 elevator shafts of different heights onto which you can then slap the doors.

They come in a variety of colours and metals, see pictures. Those that have etchings on the doors also came with "plain door" versions, so there are 9 variations in all.

Where to find them:

In the wall sculptures section in the build tab, or type "elevator" or "marker" into the search bar.
- Elevator Markers § 0
- Plain Elevators § 1000
- Sleek Elevators § 3000
- Elevator Shafts § 500
- Vintage Elevator Doors § 3000

Poly Count:
For the Vintage Elevator Doors is 554
The rest are cloned from the game.


Additional Credits:
Made with Sims4Studio, TSRW, Notepad ++, Photoshop and Sims4PE