Motherlode of abstract paintings (Maxis recolours)

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Uploaded: 6th May 2018 at 6:29 PM
Updated: 7th May 2018 at 12:38 AM
There was a serious lack of abstract paintings in my game.
Well, no more.

Most of these are sets of two or three that match or at least go well with each other. I've labelled them accordingly. The ones that start with a 0 are "singles" and ones that belong to the same set all start with the same letter.

On to the important part - what you get:
  • 1 recolour of An Anonymous Masterpiece (§110) - Nightlife
  • 3 recolours of Artig by Andres Kriegsloch (§340) - Freetime
  • 7 recolours of Olive Peynter's City Skyscape (§4000)
  • 9 recolours of "Two Dogs and an Olive" by Mixt Hupp (§2900) - Nightlife
  • 1 recolour of Marketing Print by Seph Epia (§330) - Nightlife
  • 3 recolours of "That Place Over There" by Retina Bluri (§550)
  • 8 recolours of "Untitled" by Len Bledgemann (§2700) - Glamour Life Stuff

Last but not least some useful links.

I wanted some variety, but tried not to go too overboard with the number of recolours, so I mostly stuck to meshes that have resized versions around.

Another reason I made this is frames. It's very hard to find your sims some framed abstract art, so I never had any versatile pieces of wall decoration for the not-so-modern homes.

For the City Skyscape painting, I also recommend you use


The paintings were all made by w-out on deviantart. I'm not sure if they're really paintings, but they're beautiful.