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Old Mill Tea Set Revamped

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Uploaded: 7th May 2018 at 9:39 PM
Updated: 15th May 2018 at 3:43 PM
****>>> You will need the original store tea set for this to work! <<<****

Updated on 5/15/18 - The "Serve tea with.." list displays a portrait and full name of all sims on the lot
Updated on 5/15/18 - Cost is now configurable through menu interaction. You can set 'make tea' and 'serve tea' costs for residential and commercial lots separately. Make cost will affect 'Make tea' and 'read tea leaves' and 'serve cost' will affect both serve interactions.

I liked the idea of the Old Mill Tea Set from the store but I was disappointed that I couldn't pick who my sims should have tea with. So I started modding it to allow me to pick who would join the tea party.

Then I decided to add the option to read the tea leaves to add to the fun. Finally I decided to charge for serving and drinking tea, since nothing in life is free!

So all those options are included in this mod. Sim must be teen or older to use all these interactions. These are the interactions:

1. Serve Tea with...
Costs 12 Simoleans
Shows you a list of Sims currently on the lot. You can pick up to 3 sims (teen and older) to join the "tea party".

2. Make Tea and Serve Tea - same as the original interactions but these charge your sim 4 and 12 simoleans respectively. If your sim household does not have enough money, they cannot perform the interaction.

3. Read the tea leaves - the exciting one!!
Costs 4 simoleans
The sim who is making tea will attempt to read the tea leaves and the tea leaves will reveal their "fortune". The fortune event will happen not instantly, but some hours after (random). The particular sim who reads the tea leaves will not be able to read them again for 24 hours. There is a chance that the sim will not be able to read the tea leaves, in which case the sim will just drink the tea and nothing fortune-related will happen, but the sim can immediately read the leaves again in this case.

Lucky sims tend to get more positive fortunes than negative.

Fortunes are under spoiler below, in case you don't want the surprises spoiled!

This is a pure scripting mod and the possibility of any conflict is remote.

The tea leaves tell all! There is a risk of getting a negative fortune but that's the chance you take.

I got quite carried away making this, I initially only wanted the list of sims to have tea with. It took a LOT of testing over and over and over for days! ...but finally I am done. In the end I enjoyed making it and I hope you will have fun with it in your game.

Credits: Inge and Peter Jones for S3PE Buzzler, Nona Mena and VelocityGrass, whose many many helpful answers in the modding forums helped me put this together. The wealth of information posted by them (and others) on the forums is truly awesome.