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3 Lakes - Beach hotel (CC free)

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Uploaded: 10th May 2018 at 11:22 PM
As this is a very first upload, I hope everything works fine and that you and your little sims have some fun and relaxation at this digital little space! Being able to swim one of the lakes was what I missed on my favorite sim vacation place the most.

This cozy little beach hotel has 3 guest rooms, priced between 700-900 simoleons each day/night. One honeymoon suite, one room for 3 sims (and a half) with a crib for the little ones and a 4 bed room at the top floor each containing a bathroom, TV and dining places.
For very (and less) romantic sims and camping fans are some tents and fireplaces ready. Not only for hotel guests of course, as well all 3 Lakes Travellers that seek little relaxation at the beach are most welcomed!

The furniture is kept pretty simple, fully playable as I hope but leaving enough space going wild decorating with your own CC as I most certainly would do as well.

An earlier version which I completely rebuild as community lot was a cottage for one my sparkling witches, so I hope it contains a bit of its magic as well!

This hotel was inspired by lamares great hack to bring toddlers and pets on vacation, so here is everything for their needs.
This is why I added a fully stuffed kitchen where guests can prepare food like home as well as order food via roomservice and grilling fish or hotdogs or marshmellows outside!

Adventure? Guess it's pretty much what you make it!

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Recommended Mods & CC:

Voeille: Pond and Sea Overhaul (used on all pictures of this lot and neighborhood)

Lamare: Pets and toddlers on vacation (needed to be able to have toddlers and pets with you)


Simlogical: Picnic Bench (great addition for the beach!)

Samanta Black's TS3 to TS2 Plant Conversions: (used in my CC-version)
+ Malles Hydrangea recolours: http://lime-love.blogspot.de

Sim Wardrobe / Pladin's Place NPC Mod's:
(this fixes a bug that occured checking this hood: the maiden was stuck and there is a bugfix for the housekeeper as well -
another glich which makes beach lots not swimmable happily did not happen ..)


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Please don't upload this lot on any paysites!

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Lot Size: 5x6
Lot Price (furnished): 219682