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Frimlin's Expanded Rewards Store

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Uploaded: 14th May 2018 at 8:57 PM
Updated: 21st Aug 2022 at 11:15 AM - Added v16
Latest Update
With version 16 I have updated the mod with the four teen traits from the High School Years expansion pack. But that's not all! As a special surprise, some of your long standing requests have finally been added. Check out my latest post in the comment section for more information.
  • Now includes the Dauntless, High Flier, Iconic, and Untroubled teen traits from the High School Years expansion pack.
  • The price of the 4 child aspiration rewards has been reduced.
  • Now includes a whole new and much-requested DOUBLE price option!
  • Now includes the Happy Toddler, and Top Notch Toddler traits from the base game.
  • Now includes the Alluring, Business Savvy, Collector, Dastardly, Domestic, Essence of Flavor, Gregarious, High Metabolism, Home Turf, Muser, and Quick Learner bonus traits from the base game.

Mod Description
This mod expands the Reward Store, offering you more options for spending your Satisfaction points. Currently this means all the Aspiration reward traits in the game so far are now available to buy! The catch? They're not cheap! Well, some are: the cheapest is 300, the most expensive is 8000. Don't worry, you can still earn the reward traits the normal way by completing an Aspiration.

There are also Double Price, Half Price, Quarter Price, and Free flavours available for download. Choose which one best suits your play style and enjoy! For more details including common questions and answers, please see below.

What expanded rewards are now available?

Questions and Answers

Why are some rewards so expensive?
  • Mostly because I felt they had a more powerful effect. Also, I set the prices of the Aspiration reward traits to roughly match the EA prices for default reward traits - which range from 500 to 10000 satisfaction points. If my prices are too high, try the Half Price, Quarter Price, or Free flavours.
Why are some rewards so cheap?
  • Usually because I felt they were weaker or their effect was more limited to a certain play style.
Would you consider changing the price of any of the rewards?
  • Yes I'd consider it. It's expected that I might change my mind on some of these and may change them. Also, if you have some feedback, you're welcome to let me know as long as you're polite.
Will you make a version with cheaper rewards?
  • I already have! There are Half Price, Quarter Price, and Free flavours available for download. Choose the one that best suits your play style.
Will you make a version with more expensive rewards?
  • I already have. It took a few years... but now you can choose a double price option!
Can you add this other trait or object to the mod?
  • It depends on the trait or object. Some - like the child Aspiration reward traits - were easy to include. Depending on which trait or object you mean, it may be simple, tricky, or impossible to add it. But I named the mod Expanded Rewards Store deliberately so I could potentially add other things too.

Compatibility & Conflicts
This mod is compatible with version 1.90.358.x

If new aspirations arrive in a new pack, it is most likely this mod will still function, but will not offer the new aspiration rewards. I will probably update it soon after a pack with new aspirations, so don't worry.

This mod will conflict with any mod altering the following tuning file:

As well as the above, this mod might also conflict with other mods that expand the reward store in any way.

Additional Credits
Shimrod - Using his similar mod for years inspired me to make this. Thanks Shimrod!