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Peacock Gardens & Temple

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Uploaded: 18th May 2018 at 5:23 PM
Are you craving a little serenity? A peaceful meditative rest under a bonsai tree? At Peacock Gardens & Temple we serve healing tea (or rather, you get to serve our healing tea to yourself and your friends) and a restorative atmosphere. Our beautiful garden is guaranteed to lift your spirits. Have a seat and let the cherry blossoms sooth your mind.

The Temple is under the protection of the four guardians. Under their watchful gaze you will find guidance and inner calm. You may leave your offerings to the guardians at the altar. If you so wish you may leave a note for the guardians in one of the four sacred urns. A cup of healing tea in our tea room and some meditative silence can truly help you unlock the path to your innermost desires. Our Doll of Wishes embues the tea room with an aura that is guaranteed to get your mind searching for the answer. If you know what your desire is, you can ask the Frog of God News if you are on the right path. It draws it's power from the Urns of Wishes, and if you are on the right path to your desire you will be unable to lift it from the table.

Lot info
- Community lot
- Size 2x2
- Never been occupied/owned, cleaned in SimPE before upload
- Has been shrunk with lot adjustor
- Flat edges
- No food source on lot, so don't arrive hungry

I love Bon Voyage and frequently take my Sims on vacation to all three premade destinations, and I am always looking for new community lots and vacation homes to add to it. Recently gdayars hosted the Wanderlust contest, where all builds had to do with travel and vacations and in the final round Karren Lorraine built a beach hotel where the hotel rooms were built above the ocean. For some reason it made me want to built a Far East lot with the structure built over water, and here we are

CC Included - OPTIONAL
Although this is in the CC free category there is one piece of CC included. It is a sign that will later on be used by a mod of mine to stop Sims fishing on the lot. The sign uses a mesh from Pets, with a custom recolor by me. It's placed to the right of the stairs leading to tea room.

If you choose to not install it, it will simply be replaced by the original sign from Pets. You may want to go in and delete it since it'll look kind of out of place, but other than that no harm in not installing the custom sign. I decided to not tick CC included on this upload since it doesn't actually require any CC and I don't want it excluded from searches where the person specifies CC free. After all this is CC free if you want it to be, with only a very slight difference to the lot.

Object info: Requires Pets. Costs 50 simoleons, found in deco/misc. See added picture for how it looks.

Once the mod is finished and uploaded I will link it here. I was holding off on uploading this lot until I had posted the mod, but it's being stubborn and I got tired of waiting So for now the sign is purely decorative, but once the mod it is out it'll serve the purpose of preventing Sims from fishing.

gdayars for hosting the Wanderlust contest, a building contest where the theme was travel and exotic destinations.
Karen Lorraine for her round 4 entry in Wanderlust, a tropical beach hotel with the hotel rooms built out into the water which gave me the initial idea that lead to this lot. Thank you for the inspiration, and congratulations on your second place in the contest.
Mootilda for creating the wonderful program that is Lot Adjustor, which I use on 95% of the lots I build
EA for the icons I used in the recolor of the sign

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price (furnished): 39,942

Custom Content by Me:
- No fishing sign