Neo-Roman/Byzantine Administration (Adult Career)

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While the Sims who succeed in becoming National Leader are to be congratulated for their achievement, everyone in SimNation knows that the true power lies not in the hands of the "public government", but in the stupidly complex bureaucratic system that governs the SimNation from the obscure and quite lovely Palace of the Senate in SimCity.

With a political system based on the eastern remnant of a famous empire which once existed in the Old Country, none can deny that SimNation is currently in strange times, and there are even rumours about the consolidation of power in the high echelons of the bureaucracy...

Basing myself on my Neo-Byzantine Administration career for The Sims 2, I decided to create a version of it for TS4. As the above introduction states, the career is based on the idea that the Politics career from City Living is essentially a powerless sham, created to appease the masses, while the true work of government takes place in SimCity's Palace.

The career has a main branch with seventeen levels which focuses on the legislative government, followed by two branches, the Senate (in which your Sim becomes a member of the senatorial aristocracy of SimNation) and the Palatine Aristocracy (a sort of constitutional shadow government based on the inner court of the Byzantine Empire).

Here are the ranks for the main branch:

Here are the ranks for the Senatorial Aristocracy branch:

And the ranks of the Palatine Aristocracy:

And for those that wish to know, here's a list explaining what these ranks were in real-life. Take note that most came from the late Roman Empire (aka Byzantine Empire):

Neia's Create-a-Career Beta
Icons made by myself (used Paint.NET)
Module image for main branch - unknown title and author. Found in the Tina Maxima blog by google image search.
Module image for Senate branch - Cicero Denounces Catiline , fresco by Cesare Maccari.
Module image for Palatine branch - unknown title and author . Found in Yiorgos Thalassis blog by google image search.