The Tori Heart Bedroom Collection

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Uploaded: 15th Jun 2018 at 6:13 AM
Updated: 16th Jun 2018 at 12:50 AM - Required Update
I completely forgot that I made the loft bed out of a Get to Work desk, so I made a base game version. Sorry for any inconveniences. Please download the base game version of the loft bed if you do not have the Get to Work pack.
The mesh and colors are the same as well as the location and price.
Poly- 2413/2195/1999

I bring you today a set inspired by my Daughter, Tori. She gave me the inspiration and I made the the 3D Objects Via TinkerCAD.

This set contains a full size mattress, bed frame that also a desk, a chair, a table with lots of object slots, a book shelf with slots, a small dresser, a computer, a radio, rugs, wall stickers, a wall light, a ceiling light, a recolored mirror, and a little mirror vanity. All heart themed and comes in 7 colors to celebrate LGBTQ+ month and love between all different types of people.

There are 14 objects in total. You can type in "Tori" into the search bar and all items will appear. To place some of the objects you have to have the move objects cheat on. To place the bed you need to use the ctrl + 9 and then use the alt + left mouse button to place. The bed has a bit of a trick, you have to tell the sims to sit, then tell them to go to bed. I have no idea why this happened. Also I had to make the loft bed and desk with zero footprint. If you place enough objects on the desk and table it seems to prevent the sims from walking through. The Vanity is well just a picture frame with mirror. You can use it with basically any table, but in this set, it was made for the Tori Heart table. The table, isn't really a table, just a big display/shelf. You cannot put the vanity or dresser under the bed, the sims will not be able to get into the bed to sleep. The dresser fits nicely under the table.The mirror is a recolor from Parenthood, I just changed the flowers to hearts. The Table, Bookshelf, and Desk portion of the Loft Bed have lots of slots for all your decorations. The set comes with a total of 7 colors. My daughter Tori said it was cool if I share, this set was meant just for her. I hope you all like it as much as she does.

You have to have Parenthood and Vintage Glamour for the Mirror and Vanity to show up in Game. The rest of the items are Base Game Compatible.

Polygon Counts:
Tori Heart Bedding
660/561 Poly

Tori Heart Bedroom Rug
2 poly

Tori Heart Bookshelf
Buy-Storage-Book Shelf
338/306/278 Poly

Tori Heart Ceiling Light
Buy-lights-Ceiling Light
140/119/98 Poly

Tori Heart Chair
Buy-Comfort-Desk/Dining Chair
370/317 Poly

Tori Heart Computer
212/188/168 Poly

Tori Heart Dresser
462/424/386 Poly

Tori Heart Loft Bed & Desk
2413/1759 Poly

Tori Heart Mirror
283/121 Poly

Tori Heart Stereo
845/676 Poly

Tori Heart Stickers
Buy-Deco-Deco Wall
4 Poly

Tori Heart Table
82 Poly

Tori Heart Vanity
54/48 Poly

Tori Heart Wall Light
218/200 Poly

Additional Credits:
TinkerCad, Blender, Sims 4 Studio,, and all the people at Sims 4 studio who helped with bug fixes.