Ziggy Wood and Glass Staircase

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Uploaded: 13th Jun 2018 at 2:12 AM
I've been away from my computer for a few months and anxious to finish some creations. Easing back into things, I've completed this early version of the Mistral staircase that's lain dormant for awhile. I call it the Ziggy, due to the zig-zag appearance of the steps.

There are two versions here:
== dARE-ZiggyStaircase.package is a standalone version that will work as is when you put it in your downloads folder.
== dARE-ZiggyStaircaseREPO.package is repositoried to the Mistral Wood and Glass Staircase, mostly as a convenience to anyone who has already downloaded that staircase. If you want to use this version, you need to download the Mistral for thetextures to show in-game.
==Both versions can work simultaneously in your game, since they both have unique GUIDs.

Steps and glass sides are separately recolorable.

They are designed to be used with the fences from the MIstral set, but work fine without as well

Technical info:

in-game price: 1155

Catalog Location: Staircase - Build Tools > Staircases

face count: 1152 total

Tools used:

Blender 2.79
Genetica Viewer

Polygon Counts:
stairs 842
groundshadow 6
railleft1 38
railleft2 38
railleft3 38
railleft4 38
railright1 38
railright2 38
railright3 38
railright4 38

Additional Credits:
Quaxi and the SimPE team
Tashiketh and the great MTS community
Frillen and pixelhate for helping me understand TXMTs and transparency