Gale Farm (Wizard of Oz) - 2br, 1ba

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Uploaded: 16th Jun 2018 at 3:40 PM
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Though the farm itself is no longer in business, this quaint two-bedroom farmhouse is the perfect choice for those who love the simple life.

Features include an outdoor bathroom, disused barn which makes a great garage, and storm cellar. Be sure to stock up on those canned foods before the tornado hits, or who knows where you'll end up!

Farm House

The main house is a small affair, with a curtained entry into the double bedroom, single bedroom at the back and a rustic kitchen. As this house pre-dates the era of the modern bathroom, to the rear left of the back garden is an outhouse - be sure to wrap up warm for winter trips to the loo!


No longer in use for farm stock, the barn now houses a tool station for tinkerers, a tin bathtub and a den right at the back of the barn - perfect for those who wish to hide away in the hay for a bit of peace and quiet.

Storm Cellar
"It’s a twister! It’s a twister!"
Don’t get caught up inside the cyclone. If you feel a bit of a breeze a-brewin’, head to the willow tree where you will find the entry to the storm cellar. Be careful though, as the embankment is covered in poppies - attractive to the eye, and soothing to the smell!

The storm cellar has all basic amenities (meaning technically this lot is 3br, 2ba) but be sure to keep it stocked with provisions as you never know how long that storm will last.

Can You Spot Dorothy's Friends?

There's a few friendly faces dotted about the furnished edition of Gale Farm... and one wicked one.

Required* CC:

*This build also includes the Color Me Chimney Base, Stack and Top which is not essential and can be replaced with a standard chimney, alternative chimney of your choice or no chimney.

Additional CC for Fully Furnished (Not Included):
Out of respect for those who do not wish to have their content uploaded and to keep files sizes low, my lots do not come with CC included.

:cylon: CC Not Essential to Build :cylon:
CC by B2: Botanical Beauties (Framed Illustrations)Sculpture Lion by ShinoKCRVictorian Charm Drawing Room What-Not by wolfspryte
Bicycle Rack Wood by AnoeskaBParking Space Garage by CarlosIn-Cell Prison Toilet by Cyclonesue
Granny Patchwork Quilt Pattern by KatalinaAsarina Curtains by KrissCurtain Floor Length Puddle Valance 2x1 by Mutske
Etched Crystal Goblets by PinecatEtched Crystal Candy Dish by PinecatVintage Set by Severinka
Natural Wood Frame by KardofeAdina Daffodil Basket by Shakeshaft

EA Store Items/Sets Used:
Worlds Installed During Build:

Midnight Hollow, Monte Vista, Riverview, Sunlit Tides.

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Original build location: 647 Farmer Valley Road, Riverview

Lot Size: 40x40
Lot Price (furnished): §77,853
Lot Price (unfurnished): §50,321

Custom Content by Me:
- Gale Farm - CC required (Not Included)

Additional Credits:
My childhood, MGM, Disney (because I clearly dressed the scarecrow like Jack Pumpkinhead)