Latte Night Coffee Shop

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Welcome to the Latte Night Coffe Shop!

This new venue is built on 245 Main Street, an old industrial building in Belladonna Cove in dire conditions. When our designers saw the lot for sale, they took the opportunity and transformed this decaying building, which no Sim should live in, into a café suitable for those vibrant gentrifying neighbourhoods every city has!

With this project, we hope to bring new life to a derelict area in Belladonna. It is the first of hopefully many interventions here which will make this one of the most lively areas of this city. As such, this lot has been refurbished with a focus on performing arts. Inside, we have our stage where anyone can shine! Outside, performers flock to show their skills and hopefully make a buck or two. You are never far away from the excitement of bohemian life here, so come on over, take a sip at our (definitely not) over-priced coffee served in salvaged light bulbs from this very building before our makeover and enjoy!

We tried our best to repurpose as much as we could from the original building. Besides the already mentioned light bulbs, the existing grage doors were retrofitted with glass panels to let in as much light - and they open too! Also, 78,6% of all the metal used in this building comes from already existing sources on this lot. The remaining 21,4% come from nearby scrapyards.

When I saw the theme for this month was Theme Catchup, I was really excited, because I would have the chance to get some previous stickers which I missed out on. As a music student myself, I was especially happy to be able to get the Performing Arts sticker. On the other hand, I've been meaning to make over 245 Main Street from Belladonna Cove for some time now. This lot always seemed (at least to me) perfect for a hipster makeover. And thus, Latte Night Coffe Shop was born (sorry for the bad pun ). This is my second version of this lot, as the original had too much CC. If you are interested in the original, it will be available soon, when I finish setting up my Simblr.

All of the CC used in this lot is included in the Sims2Pack, except for the Carina SpotLight Modular Stairs made by Numenor. Awesome stairs, be sure to get them, but they require special installation procedures explained in the download page. The other exception is the chalkboard menu, which for some reason did not package with the lot. It is far from an essencial item, but it does add some flair to the café. If you want it, you can find it here.

Since this is a Maxis makeover, I have included floor plans and a front picture of the original 245 Main Street. It was zoned as residential but this café is zoned as community. Cleaned of Sim References using the LotCompressor add-on by Chris Hatch.

I think that is all for now, and I hope you enjoy this hipster coffee shop!

Lot Size: 3x2
Lot Price (furnished): 98.164

Custom Content Included:
- New Gear City Windows by leesester
- Reinforced Steel Joist and Girder (white recolour) by Cyclonesue
- IKEA Lyra Ceiling Lamp by SimFused
- Skarto Dining Chair, Table and Light by Moxxa
- Balustrade Minimaal in Copper by iCad
- Metal Truss Floor white by Cyclonesue
- Natural Pine Floor in Pewter by iCad
- TS3 Roaring Heights Garage Door by Crisps&Kerosene (made hood visible by iCad)
- TS3 Roaring Heights Large Door by Crisps&Kerosene
- TS3 Roaring Heights Small Window by Crisps&Kerosene
- TS3 Roaring Heights Planted Palm Tree and Small Add-on by Veranka
- Yasimo F# Symphonator by Nysha
- Manhattan Brick by kittyispretty

Additional Credits:
The MTS staff for the Theme Catchup.
Mootilda and Chris Hatch for the LotCompressor.