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Jungle Adventure Wooden Door Texture Fix

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Uploaded: 20th Jun 2018 at 10:13 PM
While I was working on a new piece of CC based on the "Hand Carved Heavy Wooden Door" from Jungle Adventure I noticed that the original is slightly broken in two ways. The carving at the top of the door is supposed to have a transparent section which shows through to a solid panel behind, and the wall cutout drops when viewing the door quite close up so that part of the wall shows up again where it shouldn't.

This fix replaces the High and Medium detail mesh resources to enable the texture transparency to function by setting the correct value, as well as replacing the wall cutout image with one that increases the height of the opening so that when zoomed in close to the door, part of the wall no longer comes into view.

This fix will override the following resources;
Model LOD EFEC81DB1D2CCEC1 Group 00000000
Model LOD EFEC81DB1D2CCEC1 Group 00000001
Model EFEC81DB1D2CCEC1 Group 00000000
DST Image 7282416BA026C9BA Group 00000000

Any other mod that alters these same resources will conflict. Basically, texture replacements are fine, but mesh edits aren't.

Additional Credits: