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Ultra Perk Points - Perk Points Console Cheat

14,361 Downloads 101 Thanks  Thanks 51 Favourited 60,813 Views
Uploaded: 11th Jul 2018 at 1:23 AM
Updated: 26th Nov 2018 at 5:08 AM - Update for 1.47.51
Working with version or below as long you have all the required expansion and game packs.

Tired of collecting points for your clubs, retails, restaurants and vet clinics when you start or creating new ? Ultra Perk Points got your back, you can use this cheat and get points you need to buy your perk items. This also has power and weakness points cheat for your vampire sims too.

Happy Playing !

This is a standalone mod so it will not conflict with other mods.
This is a Pure Script Mod

1. Do not unzip the zip file.
2. Copy the file to your mods folder.
3. Do not put it in any subfolder.

How to use
1. Select any sims in your household.
2. Open the Cheat Console by pressing Ctrl+Shift+C
3. Type any commands below.

Replace x as your desired amount of points.

bucks.club_points x
bucks.retail_points x
bucks.restaurant_points x
bucks.vamppower_points x This must need your sim to be a vampire to work.
bucks.vampweakness_points x This must need your sim to be a vampire to work.
bucks.vet_points x