Recolorable Wisteria

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Uploaded: 20th Jul 2018 at 10:40 PM
While scrolling through my tumblr, I stumbled across a reply one of the people I follow had answered asking whether there were any recolors of the Dragon Valley wisteria. The answer was no: only for TS2 and possibly TS4 and then some custom wisteria that crowkeeperthesimmer had made. None of the actual DV plant itself. I figured, hey, why not take on another project so I can procrastinate on the things I should be doing. And here we are!

These are new, base game compatible clones of the wisteria that came with Dragon Valley. They will not overwrite or conflict with the store version, nor is the store version required.

Things to Know:
  • Found in Decor > Plants
  • Costs §300 (same as the originals)
  • Wisteria02-05 are slaved to Wisteria01. You must have Wisteria01 in your game so that the rest have textures as they are linked to keep the package sizes down. This is clearly notated in the file names as well (master vs slave) so that you don't accidentally delete the one with the IMG files.
  • Each wisteria package comes in 2 presets: 1 has flowers, 1 does not.
  • Can be moved up and down the wall (same as the originals)
  • Visible in World Builder, in case you want to use them in CAW off lot

Channel Information:
Catalogue NamePreset 1Preset 2
Wisteria01Ascending Wisteria2 channels; leaves & flowers1 channel; leaves
Wisteria02Wandering Wisteria2 channels; leaves & flowers1 channel; leaves
Wisteria03Scaling Wisteria2 channels; leaves & flowers1 channel; leaves
Wisteria04Rising Wisteria2 channels; leaves & flowers1 channel; leaves
Wisteria05Root of Wisteria3 channels; leaves & flowers & trunk2 channels; leaves & stalk

Other Tools Used:
S3OC, S3PE, TT3, Gimp