The Tiny House Project - Homestead

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Uploaded: 25th Jul 2018 at 8:45 PM
Though tiny homes are a relatively modern trend, they don't all have to be super modern! This tiny house belonged to an old cowgirl who, after her horse-riding days had come and gone, grew tired of wide open rural living, but never tired of the style.

If you're not familiar with the tiny house challenge, the goal in making these is to get everything a sim needs into the house while, of course, also making it look good. Like always, this house contains everything needed for one sim to live comfortably and fulfill all their needs. I tried to scale back on some of the object smooshing I've done before, and focused on what could legitimately fit in the home and what fit with the style, which did lead to me leaving out a few objects a computer and its desk, but the woman who used to own the home never quite liked the internet. The interior is 4x5, the smallest I've worked with so far, with just the slightest amount of extra patio space out front for watching the beautiful sunset in comfort.

The main room is the combination kitchen, dining, and bedroom. The kitchen comes with a stove, oven, refrigerator and usable counter space, allowing for nearly any meal to be made, a sink for cleaning, and a decent amount of storage space.

The living and bedroom area includes a television that can be viewed while laying on the bed, and a bookcase for studying and entertainment. There's also a 1960's Nelson's Original acoustic guitar that came with the home.

The tiny house costs $10,010 fully furnished and sits on a flat 10x10 lot, so you should have little trouble fitting it wherever you like in your neighborhood! It also works well as a one sim starter home!

CC used (but not included with download):
Gradient Wallpapers by celty007 -
The Tinkle Time Toilet Rug by Menaceman44 -
Build Set - DIY by Armiel -
"Ye Olde Window" aka Colonial Windows II by HugeLunatic -
The Brown Japanese Tile Roof by QbuilderZ -

Lot Size: 10x10
Lot Price (furnished): $10,010
Lot Price (unfurnished): $6,036

Lot Size: 10x10
Lot Price (furnished): 10,010
Lot Price (unfurnished): 6,036