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Female Android Crop-Top by LadySpira

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Uploaded: 31st Jul 2018 at 6:16 PM
Updated: 9th Sep 2018 at 6:56 PM
The SJV21 was designed for guidance and assistance in athletic activities.
Their model is also especially good at motivating their human subjects.


- Available for female Humans /Aliens / Vampires: teen-elder
- Type: T-Shirt / Sweatshirt
- Categories: Everyday / Formal / Party wear / Athletic / Hot + Cold weather

- Stand-alone texture edition of the crop-top coming with the Fitness SP [REQUIRED]
- 55 solid Swatches + 5 Holo-Style Versions

This texture overlay was created from scratch, so please no public edition without permission.


Happy (android) simming!

Additional Credits:
Detroit: Become Human (Game)
Maxis for the mesh & base texture
'Made in Detroit'-logo, traced from REFERENCE
Unedited triangle pattern SOURCE
Sims 4 Studio