No or reduced apthack apartment deposit

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Uploaded: 3rd Aug 2018 at 1:54 AM
Updated: 7th Dec 2021 at 6:17 PM
Update: New version that should be more resistant to integer overflow

A request from the forums. This hack reduces the apartment deposit in Pescado's apthack. noaptdeposit reduces the "rent unfurnished" deposit to 0 and the "rent furnished" deposit to 1 (so you can still tell which option is which). halvedaptdeposit reduces both deposits by half. Only install one version. mixedaptdeposit reduces the "rent unfurnished" deposit to 0 and the "rent furnished" deposit by half.

Game compatibility:

This requires Apartment Life, or it won't do anything.

Hack compatibility:

This requires Pescado's apthack, available from his site here. Nothing bad will happen if you don't have it, but this hack won't do anything. In order for this hack to work, it must load after apthack.

This should not conflict with any hack that doesn't also conflict with apthack. See credits section for resources modified.

Resource Credits:

BHAV 0x2218 in group 0x7FD0DEBA, originally written by J. M. Pescado in his apthack, as linked above. In noaptdeposit, the entire contents of the BHAV written by Pescado has been removed and replaced by two lines of code written by me; in halvedaptdeposit and mixaptdeposit it is mostly the same as Pescado's with a couple extra lines added. As far as I'm aware, Pescado has no policies that disallow my posting this.


The original reason for charging the deposit is that your sims will be credited that money when they move out of the apartment. So, with this hack installed, every time sims move out of an apartment they will become slightly to significantly richer. To counter this, get my hack to combat this problem here: