Teracotta Traditional 6BR 5BA

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Here's a relatively affordable family home that has a pretty practical layout and is spacious enough for large, multi generational families. There's room for lots of activities and can be as luxurious as you want to make it.

The lot uses a fair amount of build mode cc. I went with cc for the landscaping because I like it of course but also for performance reasons - there's a ton of it - and the poly counts on the cc I used are a fraction of the Maxis flowers and shrubs. There are three orchard trees and room for 15 garden plants around the pool so with that in mind I kept the decorative landscaping that needs to be tended to a minimum.

It's a new house so it hasn't been playtested extensively but I played for several hours already and it's been fun. The lot has never been occupied and was compressed/cleaned of Sim references.


Required/Not IncludedIncluded (in a separate folder)
Optional Buy Mode CC/Not Included

A basketball hoop fits perfectly at the end of the driveway, the covered porch is great for chess or a game table, the side patio off of the dining room is for grilling, there's a spot under the balcony for a hot tub and a telescope on the balcony works great.

I didn't include them because all together they pushed the cost of the house up over 100k and I wanted this house to be affordable for more of my families but when I playtested the lot I had all of those activities placed. I also use Mootilda's Constant Temperature for All Sims so my Sims can stay outside all day without issue.

I posted a couple of WIP pics of this house in different colors on my tumblr. If you liked those better the yellow was Bluff from my exterior walls & the others are from the Bespoke set.


UPDATES: Updated the house/landscaping rocks to not allow intersection.

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price (furnished): 78,323

Additional Credits:
SimPE, Mootilda's Turn On/Off Lights and Lot Compressor (w/Chris Hatch) and MTS for hosting.