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Dorsal Stripe marking for Dogs

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Uploaded: 17th Aug 2018 at 12:34 AM
I got the idea for a dorsal stripe from learning about primitive markings on horses. I intend to make more markings in references to wild animals for both dogs and cats. But be on the lookout for regular pet markings from me too! I just finished this one first. Not taking requests though because I am very terrible with deadlines.

This marking is for both small and large dogs, larger just shows it a little better to me. Works with (almost) all tail types. Notes A,B,C, and D are where the marking is a little bit wonky. A is the long tail fur accessory, the marking ends up below where the fur begins on the tail. B, C, and D are all the furry variations of the tail type. The fur overlaps (or just creates a brushy effect) over the marking.

I hope you have fun with this marking!

Additional Credits:
SimPe, KittenInTheWindow at Tumblr for her awesome tutorial on creating pet markings.